Was Michael Jackson murdered?

As the police continue their search for the doctor who injected Michael Jackson with Demerol, speculation is mounting that Jackson may have been murdered.

Reports are sketchy at this stage, but here’s what we do know: Jackson wasn’t in great health, but likewise no one expected him to die. We know that he was injected with Demerol before his death, and the 911 transcript states that the doctor who provided the injection was also with Jackson when he suffered his heart attack. A qualified doctor would know what an acceptable dose of Demerol is, and yet it would appear that he intentionally gave Jackson an overdose.

We also know that the doctor has done a runner, and can’t be found by police. Fleeing the scene doesn’t equate to guilt, but it certainly points in that direction.

Last but not least, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has advised that a determination of Michael Jackson’s cause of death following his autopsy has been deferred pending further tests, suggesting that the cause may not have been natural,.


Was Michael Jackson murdered? what do you think?