Phaedra Parks Hopes Apollo Will Be An Adult During The Divorce Proceedings

Phaedra Parks is currently a single mother with two sons, Ayden and Dylan, but she didn’t expect to be a single mother when she got pregnant with them. She is married to Apollo Nida, who is currently serving eight years behind bars for fraud and identity theft. Apollo supposedly started some false businesses in false names, and since this is his second offense, he got a lengthier sentence. According to a new Bravo report, Phaedra Parks is now considering pulling the plug on her marriage – for real this time!

Parks has always been adamant that she wanted to pull the plug on her marriage, but she didn’t file any paper work when he was sent away. There were many reasons why this happened, and one includes a previous lawsuit involving Phaedra and some business deals. As long as Apollo is married to Phaedra Parks, he can’t legally testify in this case. But Parks has never talked about it, and she always refers back to the children when it comes to her divorce.

“More than anything I want Apollo and I to keep everything amicable with a focus on what’s best for our children. All too often parents forget how much their decisions and behaviors impact their children, however I am very clear on the impact a divorce can have on children. I choose to place the wellbeing of my children at the forefront and am very optimistic that Apollo and I will be able work past our differences for the greater good of our children,” Phaedra revealed in her official Bravo blog this week after watching Sunday’s episode.

This past week, Phaedra decided to meet with her divorce lawyer to discuss her options. This meeting aired on Sunday during The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It is no secret that Parks has thought about divorcing her husband since the day he was sentenced back in 2014, but she has yet to file any papers. Many have speculated that they could get back together, but it sounds like Phaedra is determined to get divorced. Thus far, she has yet to bring her children to see Apollo in prison, and she has revealed no plans to do so.

Of course, Phaedra Parks’ divorce isn’t something that the other ladies speak about too much on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. They are giving her the space and opportunity to deal with this issue on her own. And it sounds like she’s thankful for that. Instead, she can watch the drama unfold with the other ladies in regards to Kim’s makeup-free brunch, which was held during Sunday’s episode. Parks didn’t attend, but she doesn’t think Kim was out of line with her behavior.

“A true southern belle never leaves home without a touch of lip color and a smidge of eyeliner,” Phaedra Parks reveals in regards to Kim Fields’ makeup-free brunch, according to Bravo, adding that she didn’t think Kim was being shady at her own party, saying, “Not particularly; the women in our group can be a bit hypersensitive at times. I understand the message that Kim was trying to convey. Kim was the host of the brunch and anyone who objected to the theme should not have attended. And certainly if you took offense and still chose to attend, show some grace and be polite to your hostess.”

It will be interesting to see what Phaedra Parks will do in regards to her divorce. She has the upper-hand since Apollo Nida is currently in jail, but she could be aware of some loopholes that she wants to explore.

Do you think Phaedra Parks should file the papers now and get the divorce going?

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