Taylor Swift Lookalike Subjected To Relentless Bullying For Being ‘Fatter’

Taylor Swift is known around the world. Her face is carved into the memory of millions of fans, and there are many young women out there who strike a resemblance to the singer. But Seventeen reports that there is one Taylor Swift lookalike that looks nearly identical to the star and who has experienced both advantages and disadvantages due to her resemblance.

Keitra Jane truly looks like Taylor Swift, so much so that everywhere she goes, people mistake her for the celebrity. This has happened at Disney, on cruise ships, and even in her doctor’s office and the mall. People are constantly asking her if they can snap a photo, thinking she is Taylor Swift. Even when she travels with her cat, people think she is Swift travelling with her cat, Meredith.

“The last couple times I traveled I had my cat, Marissa Cooper with me, and a bunch of girls thought that it was Taylor’s cat, Meredith.”

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Because of her resemblance to Taylor Swift, Jane was able to star in Alex Boye’s “African Hipster” music video. However, as more and more people have seen her online, more and more inappropriate comments have been made about her body.

“My friends kept sending me photos of these comments that would say just inappropriate things like ‘Taylor with a bigger rack/boobs.’ One comment caught my eye. It said ‘a fatter Taylor Swift.'”

Jane wants to use her resemblance to Taylor Swift to help girls and women understand that words will only have an effect if they allow it to do so.

“I really just want everybody to love the skin they’re in and understand that happiness doesn’t come from living up to other people’s expectations; it comes from fulfilling the role you see yourself in and allowing yourself to be true to your own identity.”

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As for the real Taylor Swift, she is currently planning her future commitments, which might include some television work. Hollywood Life reports that Swift might be signed on to Season 2 of Scream Queens. A source has revealed that Taylor Swift might have time to be on the show.

“Ryan Murphy really wants Taylor Swift to be a part of it. And now that she has some time on her hands with no tour obligations, she is considering to take a part on the show. Ryan wants to write her a character so good that she has no reason to say No.”

Murphy previously told Hollywood Life that he offered Taylor Swift a role in Season 1 of Scream Queens, but she turned it down due to her touring schedule.

“I love Taylor Swift. I go after Taylor Swift for everything that I do. I have great affection for her. And she’s always been so nice about giving me stuff. And I think she’s great. I would love to work with her. I actually called her people about her for this, but she had already booked a tour, and I said, just do one episode, but she couldn’t even do that. But some day, because I’m a big fan.”

Taylor Swift has fans in all the right places, including Nashville, where Taste of Country reports a number of musicians are planning to hold a live music concert in tribute to Swift’s successful 1989 album. After all, Taylor Swift got her start in country music, and they have not forgotten her in Nashville. The concert, which will include performances by musicians such as Matthew Perryman Jones, Griffin House, Caroline Glaser, Alanna Royale, and Zeke Duhon, will be held at City Winery Nashville on February 5.

Taylor Swift is truly at the top of her game. Perhaps one day Keitra Jane will get to meet her!

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