Proof Beyoncé Is Pregnant! Beyoncé Uses Body Double In Video Shoot And Is ‘Close To 5 Months Pregnant’ Insider Reveals [Video]

Beyoncé is most certainly pregnant with baby No. 2, according to an insider who worked with Beyoncé at a recent video shoot. Not only was Beyoncé sick to her stomach and complaining about being tired while she made the video, but the singer sported a slouchy black hoodie the entire time to cover her growing belly.

An eyewitness, speaking to Radar Online, gave exclusive insider knowledge about how Beyoncé is going to great lengths to hide her pregnancy. Beyoncé has even gone so far as to hire a stunt double for her new video so she did not have to do the more dangerous parts of her shoot. The stunt double looks amazingly like Beyoncé, with the same long, caramel locks, and with the use of drones on the set to capture every angle, it’s clear that if Beyoncé is pregnant, she is going to great lengths to hide it.

In one image from the event, the stunt double can be seen in a white harness, looking off camera as she is apparently taking direction to mimic Beyoncé in her scenes. According to the insider, although Beyoncé “didn’t announce it or anything,” it was “pretty apparent” the “Single Ladies” singer is carrying a baby “from the way she was acting.”

The source confirmed that Queen Beyoncé is far enough along that hiding it until she’s ready to reveal her news is necessary, telling Radar that Beyoncé “was probably close to five months pregnant,” making the stunt double necessary and “pretty indicative she was covering up.”

At the video shoot, Beyoncé wore a floor-length gown with a layered, ruffled skirt, but used a “really big black hoodie” to cover up most of her body, including using the hood to cover up her long locks as she felt sick through the entire event. According to the insider, the dress and hoodie “was the outfit she used for the whole shoot.” For a singer that normally wears skin-tight, revealing outfits, the dress and hoodie were quite the departure!

Although the singer tried really hard to hide that she is pregnant, Beyoncé “definitely had a little belly pouch,” and along with her complaints she felt “really tired and nauseous,” it was “pretty apparent” Beyoncé is expecting another child, and Blue Ivy will be a big sister!

Beyoncé is reportedly in a rush to finish all her video and photo shoots to support her upcoming album, so she will be done by the time she’s big enough that everyone will know what’s up. The insider revealed that Beyoncé “did a photo before we shot, and has a shoot again next week.”

This is not the first time Beyoncé has been seen sporting a baby bump, and earlier this month, the singer was spotted at Blue Ivy’s birthday party wearing a tight grey sweatshirt which revealed a bump in a special spot. Beyoncé, who has been notoriously silent on her usually-buzzing Instagram account, was photographed on January 10 wearing a grey sweatshirt that did not do a great job covering up her growing belly.

Fans are speculating that Beyoncé will let the Bey-hive know about baby No. 2, as well as drop her new album, at Super Bowl 50, where Beyoncé is expected to perform alongside Coldplay.

Last summer, rumors that Beyoncé was pregnant were squashed by a revealing photo where the singer appeared to be drinking champagne, and it’s well known that the singer had difficulty conceiving Blue Ivy. Last summer, Beyoncé, who is friends with none other than Kim Kardashian, asked the reality star for advice about conceiving. Although she just gave birth to her second (and reportedly last) child, Kim Kardashian also had difficulty conceiving, although she was able to get pregnant with baby No. 2 much faster than Beyoncé.

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[Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images]