Bernie Sanders Has Made It Trendy To Be Progressive -- If Supporters Turn Out He Could Win By A Landslide [Report]

A report by The Nation and an accompanying National video give an insight into what it means to be Bernie Sanders, and what it will take to put the establishment-shattering candidate in the White House.

Extraordinary footage shows Bernie supporters at work, stamping the beloved candidate's name in the snow on a frosty day in Iowa, and stating "I've never seen anything like him."

One Bernie supporter and campaign insider states that if all Sanders' fans would just go out and vote, the white-haired Democratic nominee would win "by a landslide."

The video notes that Bernie is now popular enough to earn "the honor" of a Saturday Night Live-style late night television roast. Footage shows a "Bernie" actor bemoaning the fact that other candidates may own two or even three pairs of underpants, while he only has one.

The National video also points out that the Wall Street bailout following the 2008 financial crisis was funded by American taxpayers, and now it is probably Wall Street's turn to help out the middle class.

This country and the middle class bailed out Wall Street...Now it is Wall Street's turn to help the middle class.
Sanders is also seen defending Hillary Clinton, who is actually his rival. Sanders demonstrates his spirit of objectivity and his broad vision when he declares "the American people are sick of hearing about your damn emails." "Me too," says Hillary, laughing.

In the print arena, many were impressed when Bernie Sanders managed to secure the support of Nation magazine, which rarely endorse candidates. According to the Nation,

We believe such a revolution is not only possible but necessary—and that's why we're endorsing Bernie Sanders for president. This magazine rarely makes endorsements in the Democratic primary (we've done so only twice: for Jesse Jackson in 1988, and for Barack Obama in 2008). We do so now impelled by the awareness that our rigged system works for the few and not for the many. Americans are waking up to this reality, and they are demanding change.
The endorsers stress that a revolution is "necessary" and point out that the Nation mag has only endorsed two other candidates: Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama. The civil-rights candidate and the first black president got a nod from The Nation -- now income equality warrior Bernie Sanders has a nod from the mag. According to The Nation:
The United States has become a plutocracy—one in which, as Sanders puts it, "we not only have massive wealth and income inequality, but a power structure which protects that inequality." America's middle class has melted away, while the gap between rich and poor has reached Gilded Age extremes. The recovery that followed the 2008 economic collapse has not been shared. Indeed, in the United States it seems that nothing is shared these days—not prosperity, nor security, nor even responsibility.
The editors give a few reasons for their endorsement. A big point is the fact that Sanders did not seek donations from big-money corporate donors in banking, big pharma, oil, etc. Sanders has instead relied on donations from the ordinary Americans he promises to act on behalf of if he reaches the White House.
Voters can trust Sanders because he doesn't owe his political career to the financial overlords of the status quo. Freed from these chains of special interest, he can take the bold measures that the country needs.
Sanders even appears to be shaking up the union establishment.

The Guardian is reporting that a number of local union branches have defied their national bosses and endorsed Sanders as president. The report cites this as another example of Sanders' ethos coming to life: the Vermont senator has previously stated that "change never happens from the top down, it always comes from the bottom, up."

In a stark illustration of his argument that revolutionary political change can only come from below, a growing number of local union chapters are choosing to ignore their national leadership and back Sanders on the ground instead.
Are you voting for Bernie Sanders?

(Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images)