First Pic Of Louis Tomlinson’s Son And His Real Name Revealed — Tomlinson DILFs It Up In Intimate Shot With Adorable Son Freddie

Louis Tomlinson’s son has finally shown his beautiful face and it’s precious.

Louis posted a snap of the infant on Twitter. Freddie nuzzles his shirtless dad’s chest as if he wants to hide in the crease between Louis’ pecs — this is quite fitting really, as snaps of Louis’ child are highly sought-after and Louis and Briana even had to cover the opening of the baby carrier yesterday so little Freddie could sleep in peace.

The name “Freddie” has been revealed after a number of rumors about the little lad sparked up all around the internet. Some outlets reported that the child would be called Jacob, others went with Sydney Rain. Even the unusual Conchobar (an Irish moniker pronounced “Connor”) was thrown around as a possibility that Briana and Louis were apparently considering, according to IBT.

Louis’ mother Johannah also posted a shot of Louis and Freddie.

In this version, clearly taken within the same few seconds or so, the position of Louis’ finger is different and there is more of a smile on his lips.

Louis also took a moment to send a message thanking fans and friends for nice messages.

“Freddie” soon started trending on Twitter and fans continued to send well-wishes, musing about how blessed the adorable Freddie is.

A few people stated that they already love Freddie the most out of everyone in the One Direction family.

Many people wrote about what a charmed life the lad will live, sometimes with great specificity and in great detail.

People looked forward to seeing children-lover Harry Styles interacting with Louis’ baby son.

Some people stated that they would not give up the dream of a One Direction baby named Conchobar.

Others simply welcomed the infant to the One Diection family.

Some looked forward to watching Freddie grow, the way One Direction fans have watched stylist Lou Teasdale’s daughter Lux grow up.

Isn’t Louis Tomlinson’s son the cutest?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]