Jeffrey Dean Morgan Shares What His Mom Thought About Him Joining ‘The Walking Dead’

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was recently cast on the show The Walking Dead. When it comes to join such a hit show, you would think that everyone would be excited, but it turns out that his mom wasn’t thrilled about it. This wasn’t because Morgan’s mom doesn’t like The Walking Dead, but it was because she loves his other show The Good Wife so much. EW shared what Jeffrey Dean Morgan had to say about his mom’s thoughts on him joining as Negan. Here is what Morgan revealed.

“When I took the show, she was like, ‘What does this mean with The Good Wife?’ She was devastated that this could be the end. I was like, ‘Mom, keep your pants on.’”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan revealed a lot while talking to Seth Meyers on his show. He can’t reveal a lot about his character besides that he is playing Negan and teased that he is not a zombie. Morgan explained that if you are a fan of the comics, then you know about Negan and that he is a “game changer” on this show. Of course, they are doing all that they can to keep details about Negan quiet for now. Since he can’t say much about the show and give out spoilers, Morgan went on to talk about life.

If you don’t know it, Jeffrey Dean Morgan bought himself a farm about three years ago. They used to live in LA and when they had a child they got a little log cabin. If you don’t know, Morgan is married to Hilarie Burton of One Tree Hill fame. Their son is now 5-years-old and Morgan shared that they outgrew this little log cabin and it was time to buy a farm. He didn’t think anything could go wrong with it. Morgan shared that they have animals on their farm as well. He also talked about how the local dairy farmer gives him cows to raise during the spring, summer and fall that he then gives back to him later. He even talked about how the farmer then takes these cows to the county fair. This is not life in LA.

Vulture actually shared huge spoilers about Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character Negan and he won’t be showing up right away. You actually won’t get to see Negan until the season finale of The Walking Dead. This could explain why it was so easy for him to be able to film both shows. Showrunner Scott Gimple shared the details.

“His name has been invoked and his group is certainly of growing importance, but it’s not like we are going to see him starring in an episode right off the bat.”

The season finale of The Walking Dead will air on April 3 and this is when Negan will show up. Of course, this character has been talked about so much and they brought in such a good actor with Jeffrey Dean Morgan that you know that he isn’t going to be leaving anytime soon. You will have to watch the next season of the show to get the chance to see Negan and get to know him. His appearance is said to be “bone chilling.” This is going to be something you do not want to miss.

Are you excited to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The Walking Dead? Do you think that this character is going to be a great addition to the show? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The Walking Dead and The Good Wife.The Walking Dead will return on February 14 to AMC.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]