Sydney Gang Beating Video: Disturbing Footage Show Mob Beating, Stomping Unconscious Man In Mt. Druitt

A Sydney mob beating was caught on video, with disturbing footage showing a mob of more than 15 people beating and kicking an unconscious man in the Australian city’s Mt. Druitt neighborhood.

The video was posted to Facebook on Wednesday with the title “Welcome to Mt Druitt,” 7 News reported. It has since gone viral, attracting media attention across Australia and even garnering worldwide attention.

The shaky footage starts with a group of people running toward one man, who is surrounded by close to a dozen other people throwing punches and kicks.

The victim, who appears to be a teenager, was taken to the ground by the group. The Sydney mob beating video then shows the assailants knocking the man out and continuing the brutal beating as he lay unconscious on the pavement. Several people kick and punch the man in the head, and one person hit him repeatedly with a chair.

The group then left, but several people came back to continue the attack. One man then kicked the victim again, and leaned close to his face to shout, “Greater West motherf***ker.”

Another man returned to look through the victim’s pockets, taking either a cell phone or wallet. The unconscious man was kicked one more time before some Good Samaritans stepped in to protect the victim from further harm, but one of the attackers managed to punch the unconscious victim once more.

The exact circumstances of the Sydney mob beating video are not clear. There is no official update on the victim’s condition or whether police have made any arrests, and 7 News speculated that the video could actually be a few months old, but just hitting the internet now.

Some commenters speculated that the beating may have been gang related, but police have not yet released any statement on the circumstances of the brutal attack.

This is not the first time that a videotaped beating in Mt. Druitt has gone viral. Last year, footage of a teenager being dragged off a train and beaten by two people also stirred controversy. In the video, a man and a woman beat the teen, an African immigrant, in what appeared to be a racially motivated attack.

The Daily Mail reported that the woman was seen throwing punches and kicks toward the young man as he fell against a rail. The man then kicked the teen in the face as people tried to step in and protect the victim

“‘Come on, leave him alone man,’ one commuter, donning a blue beanie, said as he tried to pull the attackers away.

“The pair quickly steps back inside the train as they continue blasting obscenities at the young teen.

“‘Shut the f*** up c***,’ a male voice can be heard.

“‘F*** you, you c***!’ the woman yelled.

“The teen walked back towards the train door but gets a slap in the face by the woman before she aggressively attempts to get back off the train.

“The alleged male attacker appeared to have dragged the woman away inside the carriage as she continued screaming obscenities.”

Police said anyone with information about the Sydney mob beating video or the assailants can call Crime Stoppers 1300 333 000 or file a report on the Crime Stoppers online reporting page.

Video of the Sydney mob beating can be seen here, but be warned that it is graphic.

[Image via Facebook]