Kanye Demands Yeezy Merch Back From Scott Disick Because He’s Lost ‘All Respect’

Yet again, Scott Disick has ended up on the bad side of the Kardashian clan. Scott has upset Kanye West by dating Amber Rose, who is herself deeply connected to the Kardashian family. Kanye is mad enough to demand the return of all the Yeezy gifts he gave Kourtney’s ex.

Amber Rose and Scott Disick have become totally infatuated with each other, and now West is unhappy. The famous musician and rapper feels that Scott is “disrespecting” the whole family by choosing Amber. A source explained to Hollywood Life how Kanye feels following the recent developments, and it isn’t good.

“Kanye has lost all respect for Scott.”

The question fans of Kim and Kanye are asking is why Scott would choose Rose.

“Out of all the women in the world, Scott wants to connect with Amber?”

The long history the two celebs have with the Kardashian family certainly creates an awkward situation, and claims that Scott should “know better” are rampant.

Chris Brown may be the matchmaking culprit who’s really to blame, as he was the person who first introduced the two. There’s no stopping some people, and since meeting, the couple have become very good friends. Scott clearly has intentions other than just friendship. After the two added each other on Instagram, he said that Rose is attractive enough to “make a grown man cry” and described her body as “banging.”

Sources have made it clear that Kanye doesn’t care about his own past with Amber, and is more concerned with the ex-stripper’s public disdain for Kim, Kanye’s wife. Kanye is also concerned that Scott would disrespect Kim by choosing what many might consider a rival of the Kardashians. Disick has a lot to thank the Kardashians for, and without Kim’s support and friendship, Scott “wouldn’t have a career or be who he is today.” Kanye has demanded that Disick return any Yeezy merchandise that he has been given, as Kanye doesn’t want photos taken of Scott wearing the clothing brand “within two miles of Amber Rose.” There’s even a suggestion that if Scott wears those clothes near Amber, it would would “tarnish the brand.”

Despite Scott’s own incriminating behavior, Amber has said that she is in no way trying to restart her longtime feud with the Kardashians. Disick’s recent split with Kourtney Kardashian, last year, certainly didn’t go down well with the family, which Rose has clearly picked up on.

After following Scott on instagram, Amber made it clear that she had no intention of starting trouble. According to IBT, Rose, age 32, told The Shade Room that she is “just a fan.”

“I’m not following anyone to be corny or start trouble that’s not me. I’m just a fan of his.”

The feud started after Amber had some harsh words for rapper Tyga, who had been engaged to Amber’s closest friend Blac Chyna. The criticisms followed the discovery of Tyga dating 17-year-old Kylie Jenner, and Khloe was quick to come to her family’s defense, which sparked the feud.

Amber was critical of Kylie’s young age, and Tyga’s own choice to date her, and called Kylie “a baby.” She asserted that Tyga should be “ashamed” of himself, and that he already had a beautiful wife and daughter. She was especially critical of Kylie’s age and suitability for a grown man.

Whatever does happen, we can hope that some good can come of this little conflict. Who knows, this might even help to build some connections between the Kardashians and Rose herself!

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for McDonald’s]