Michael Jackson 911 tape to be released

Michael Jackson’s MIA doctor, believed to have administered the possibly fatal shot of Demerol to Jackson, has been identified and the 911 call is set to be released, according to TMZ.

Reports on the gossip site also have the doctor as frantically trying to resucitate Jackson, who was believed to be dead by EMTs at the scene. The doctor allegedly resisted attempts to pronounce Jackson dead and there are reports of evidence of extensive CPR performed on the singer and the presence of Lidocaine, used to treat heart arrhythmia.

Dr. Conrad Robert Murray had been living with Jackson at the rented mansion in Holmby Hills, and friends and family members have spoken to the media about long-time suspicions that the singer was over-medicated to a dangerous degree. Murray is a cardiologist from Houston, and his car was towed from Jackson’s home by LA coroner’s office investigators last night in the course of the investigation of Michael Jackson’s death.

The coroner’s office has indicated that full toxicology reports detailing which substances may have killed the singer may not be available for up to eight weeks. Funeral arrangements for Michael Jackson have not yet been made public.