Amber Portwood Blindsided By Gary Shirley During New ‘Teen Mom OG’ Sneak Peek

Amber Portwood has been through a lot since joining the Teen Mom franchise. She was initially introduced to the world when she was cast for 16 & Pregnant. Portwood is now airing on Teen Mom OG. The last few years have been trying for her, especially while spending time in prison. Since Portwood has been released, her life has completely changed. Fans watched as she progressed into using drugs on Teen Mom and was subsequently arrested and sent away. Things haven’t been easy for Portwood, but she is determined to do better for her daughter.

Last season of Teen Mom OG saw Amber Portwood become engaged to Matt Baier. He was introduced for the first time last season, and his presence received mix reactions. Portwood has been dealing with a lot of comments regarding her choice to have a relationship with him. Baier apparently sought her out, and she agreed to meet him. Not much was known about him at the beginning of last season, but things are now coming to light.

According to Us Weekly, Amber Portwood was blindsided by Gary Shirley during a new Teen Mom OG sneak peek. Generally, when Portwood drops Leah off, Shirley is inside waiting for her. This time, he ended up coming out and asking to speak with his ex. Portwood was hesitant but obliged. Shirley provided Portwood with a list of Matt Baier’s kids and baby mamas. This was a huge slap in the face, especially since Portwood was not prepared for it.

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This news was initially leaked several weeks ago, and Amber Portwood said she knew about it. Teen Mom OG fans aren’t so sure Matt Baier was completely up front with his lady love. Portwood is still going ahead with the wedding despite this bombshell. In fact, she has been defending him against the harsh comments coming across social media from onlookers. Gary Shirley has done everything he can think of to run Portwood off, including attacking and researching her boyfriend. Shirley had another daughter and married the woman who he brought around Leah without consulting Portwood. After everything she went through in prison and the work she put into getting sober, there is no way that Portwood would sacrifice seeing her daughter.

Since getting out of prison, Amber Portwood has done everything she can to get her daughter back. Gary Shirley had been less than helpful when it came to allowing Leah to spend time with her mom. The two had been battling over custody for several months, including when Teen Mom OG was filming. Portwood wanted joint custody, but Shirley was against it. According to Radar Online, Amber Portwood confirmed that she won joint custody about a month ago. With the way things are going, there is no reason the judge saw that would hinder Portwood from being able to care for her daughter.

In October, Amber Portwood will marry Matt Baier. It is unclear whether or not the wedding will air on Teen Mom OG or remain a private affair. The couple attended the wedding of Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra last August, and it was recently shown on Teen Mom OG. Portwood has found happiness with Baier. There have been no wedding details released, but fans expect nothing but the best for the upcoming event. Portwood has accomplished so much in just a few short years. While fans did get to see her at some of the lowest points in her life, they will now get to see her moving forward in a more positive direction. The Teen Mom franchise has really changed Amber Portwood’s life, and it seems that she has bounced back to normalcy.

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