Legacy Locker members get a digital safety deposit box

Back in April I wrote about one of the growing number of startups that are looking to provide folks with a way to manage their last will and testament digitally. Legacy Locker, the company I wrote about, is announcing two new services today that will further enhance their service for members with Lifetime or Annual accounts.

File Storage – Lifetime and Annual account holders will now be able to upload and store up to 10 files (5MG file size limit) in an encrypted format in their locker. The idea being to be able to keep electronic copies of things like stock certificates and other “don’t lose this” types of files. The company plans on increasing the number of files that can be stored at some point in the future.

Video Letters – Now if you want to make one of those video messages to haunt people with after you are gone you can. Lifetime and Annual account holders are able to upload up to 3 videos as long as they aren’t bigger than 20MB. The videos are individually encrypted and stored so only the intended person will be able to view them. The company has plans to add direct recording from the site as well as increasing the number of videos it will store at some point in the future.

These additions today are only a part of a set of new features that Legacy Locker plans on adding as it continues its early climb into profitability.