Jill Duggar Pregnant Again? Zika Virus Could Interfere With Baby Plans

Jill Duggar has some huge decisions to make. She was raised in the “Quiverfull” theology against birth control. Now Jill must make a choice. Government and CDC health officials are strongly advising that pregnancy in South America is not safe due to the Zika virus. Not only does Jill have to decide for herself, she will have to advise others on the topic in a predominately Catholic country.

The Zika virus is a flu-like disease spread through mosquitoes. It is a very mild flu in most adults, but it can cause devastating birth defects by damaging the unborn fetus of an infected mother. Avoiding mosquitoes south of the U.S. border is nearly impossible. Jill Duggar could use repellents, mosquito nets, and long sleeves. Those are all helpful, but nothing is mosquito proof in all of South America or Mexico.

She Knows reports that the El Salvadorian deputy health minister has released a statement asking women to hold off on childbirth for at least two years to prevent catastrophic birth defects. The most common and terrible birth defect caused by the Zika virus is microcephaly, which literally means very small head. Babies are born with tiny, underdeveloped brains and even small skulls.

What will Jill Duggar decide? On one side of her inner argument, she is second-generation Quiverfull. Jill has been raised to believe that birth control and abortion are wrong. The entire Duggar family will no doubt express their advice and opinions on the subject as well. On the other hand, she is a missionary midwife, and part of her job is to dispel superstitions and wives tales so that patients can make the best health decisions for themselves. What will she do, and what will she advise?

In her favor, Jill Duggar is looking very emaciated, and so is her husband. Recent photos show them looking really sickly. Often, when a woman is suddenly that thin, her body will cease to menstruate and result in temporary infertility. Likewise, men may experience a drop in fertility. This could be seen as God’s birth control that is built into nature, but as is evidenced by babies born in third world countries, this sort of birth control is far from fool proof. It can reduce the odds, but it does not always prevent pregnancy. Extreme and rapid weight loss, though, is a bit more effective than perpetual undernourishment over a lifetime. The body experiences a lack of nourishment and stress, so it reduces futility.

Derick Dillard is committed to his mission assignment, both legally and morally. He will not just go home. Jill Duggar Dillard has also made promises and commitments. They are not likely to leave the mission field other than perhaps for a vacation over the coming two years. Will Jill choose the safe option of birth control pills, or will she rely on her faith to protect her unborn child from deadly mosquito venom? It is a tough choice.

We know that Jill Duggar is devoted to the Quiverfull ideology that her mother and the entire Duggar Family made famous on 19 Kids and Counting. What would her mother do in this situation? Jill may be asking that question right now. It is a powerful dilemma with no easy answers, especially not with the judgmental camera eye of social media on her all the time.

People are starting to wonder why Jill Duggar and her hubby have been so silent on Twitter and Instagram lately. Enstarz reports that Jill and Derick Dillard have not posted anything in many days. Of course, that could be because every time they do, the parenting critiques start rolling in. The baby has a bruise. The baby is crying too much. The baby is close to an electrical outlet that doesn’t have a safety plug. The blanket is wrapped too tightly. The list goes on and on. So maybe they are tired of hearing it in the face of all their other and far bigger problems.

Obviously, Jill Duggar Dillard and husband Derick Dillard are suffering. They look thin, exhausted, and in poor health. There has been speculation that Derick is sick. Jill has to factor all this into her decision about birth control. Her weight loss alone could put her at risk for a number of problems that are not even related to mosquitoes. What will she decide? What would you decide?

[Image via Charles Harker/ShutterStock]