Miami Doctor Sorry For Uber Driver Attack, Anjali Ramkissoon Apologizes Saying, ‘I’m Ashamed’

Anjali Ramkissoon, the Miami doctor who was involved in a recent Uber driver attack, has come out of hiding to speak out on that infamous night that she called “the worst day of my life.” The viral video captured her throwing a fit and trying to hit the driver last week. She is now stepping up to apologize for the incident, saying that she is truly sorry for what happened that day.

The attack on film showed Ramkissoon throwing out profanities at the man who was trying to calm her down. She then takes a swing at his face and also knees him. He then shoves her to the ground and runs to his car. She climbs into the passenger seat, yelling at the Uber driver, and then is seen throwing items out of the window as he is on the phone trying to get help with the situation.

Ramkissoon chose to sit down to do an interview with Good Morning America on Wednesday to clear the air on what exactly made her go into a tailspin that night and how she really feels about it a week after the incident.

“I see a person that is not me. I’m ashamed. Every time someone brings it up or tries to ask me, ‘What was happening at this point?’ I just, I can’t.”

Unfortunately for her, and her family and friends, this attack was caught on camera, and now they are paying for it through social media bullying and beyond. She told GMA that people have sent her extremely hateful messages and have also targeted her family.

“My family was targeted. Their address was leaked. I’ve received messages telling me that I should kill myself, that I should have been raped that night. I think it’s ridiculous and I’m here to own up to what I did. I’m taking responsibility for it and I’m asking for forgiveness.”

The neurology student said that there was no excuse for what she did and that she is very sorry for attacking the Uber driver like that. She called it a very stressful day because her father was admitted to the hospital, as well as having just split up with her boyfriend. In fact, she mentioned that their breakup happened right before the Uber driver attack happened. They had been together for two years.

She also admitted that she had been drinking that night, so instead of driving her own car back home, she tried to hitch the ride from Uber. However, it was not hers to begin with. Another customer had already called for the car, but Ramkissoon tried to confiscate it. The customer was the one who filmed the whole unruly incident in the first place and stuck it up on YouTube for the world to see.

Her job as a doctor is also at stake right now. The Jackson Health System confirmed that she has been placed on administrative leave and no clinical duties at all for now until they investigate this incident more thoroughly. It doesn’t look like she will be facing any jail time, as the Uber driver has chosen not to file any charges against her. He accepted her apology, and she also paid for all damages that were done.

Uber driver being attacked. (Photo by YouTube screen cap)

Ramkissoon expressed her gratitude to the driver for not being arrested and promised that she will never do anything like that ever again. She also sent a message to everyone to watch what you do in public because now days, anything can be caught on camera and can cause ramifications to your personal life, as well as other members of the family.

According to Gossip Extra, who apparently caught up to the 30-year-old resident at her Miami home on Sunday prior to the GMA interview, she wasn’t too apologetic at that time. But then again, she was quite surprised that anyone would have come knocking on her door asking about the Uber driver attack. They also noted her as saying that she didn’t realize that this whole thing would turn out to be such a big deal as it is right now.

Do you think she deserves all this hate from this Uber driver attack?

[Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images]