Rand Paul Makes The Cut For The Next Republican Debate, Discusses Government Spending, And Answers Reddit Questions On 911 And ISIS

Rand Paul, versus many other Republican presidential candidates, has gotten a lot of solo media attention for his positions and views that differ from the establishment. The Inquisitr reported on Senator Rand Paul’s exclusion from the last Republican debate on Fox News, and though his poll numbers suggested he should have been in it, Paul made the most of his exile. Senator Paul, according to the Washington Times, insisted Monday that he was going to make the cut this time. Dr. Paul might have a future in fortune-telling because it turns out that the Kentucky senator was correct, and he did make the cut for Thursday’s Republican debate.

Rand Paul Speaking [Image under CC BY-SA 2.0 Flickr| Courtesy Of Gage Skidmore| Resized|Cropped]CBS News reports that the big kids table just got bigger, as Senator Rand Paul has officially been given clearance to attend. Fox News must have been in a giving mood because former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore, a Republican presidential candidate that most voters might not have known existed, made the “undercard” debate. Donald Trump, however, has reportedly decided to skip the final Republican debate.

In between exclusion and inclusion in the Republican debates, Dr. Paul penned a Business Insider OpEd where he discussed a topic that has been a central theme of his campaign of Stop the Washington Machine, Unleash the American Dream, and that is that regardless of party, government spending is “out of control.”

“Earlier this week, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced that the deficit for this fiscal year will hit $544 billion — $130 billion more than expected — while the 10-year deficit is projected to climb over $1 trillion higher than previously forecast. That’s right: We are already over $18 trillion in debt — we already have a debt that is equal to our GDP — and yet our Republican-controlled Congress is still ready to continue spending more of our money at every turn. Throughout my time in Washington, I have worked tirelessly to wake up Republicans and Democrats to the dangers of their reckless spending habits, but neither side is willing to face fiscal reality.”

Paul, unlike his Republican compatriots, has started his own Reddit page where he opened a Q & A forum for supporters and would-be supporters to interact with the Kentucky senator. St. Augustine Record reported a few of the questions and answers that Senator Rand Paul had between he and Reddit crowd. The one question the Republican presidential candidate answered involved Donald Trump and his hair, when the question was asked that Paul list three things that separated he and Donald Trump.

” I have actual plans and policy to solve our problem. I in no way shape or form intend to shut down the internet. I have way better hair”

Rand Paul speaking at a Students For Rand Rally [Image under CC BY-SA 2.0 Flickr| Courtesy Of Gage Skidmore| Resized|Cropped]Things took a more serious turn when one Reddit user inquired about the missing 28 pages from the 9/11 commission report that many have been seeking answers and resolution to.

“Yes. I’m a senate sponsor of a bill to release those 28 pages. Here’s a video of me discussing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUYLE2R4Dqw”

The question of how Dr. Paul would deal with ISIS was brought up. This, of course, is response that many of his Republican colleagues have discussed at several debates. Paul was asked this at his #Rand Rally on Twitter not long ago as well.

“First thing we should do is stop arming them. They ride around with a billion dollars worth of our humvees. We can stop intervening in civil wars and toppling dictators and making radical jihadists stronger.”

Rand Paul is no stranger to modern social media outlets, as he has a Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and a few other less common outlets.

[Image under CC BY-SA 2.0 Flickr| Courtesy Of Gage Skidmore| Resized|Cropped]