‘The Bachelor’ Fans Go Crazy Over Picture Of Lauren Bushnell Wearing Ring On That Finger

Lauren Bushnell of The Bachelor has fans going crazy because of a picture that her sister posted on Instagram. In this picture, Lauren has a ring on the same finger you would wear an engagement ring on. The second this picture was revealed, people went crazy and assumed that it means Ben Higgins has proposed to Lauren Bushnell.

The Daily Mail shared that there is one big problem with this picture, though: This photo of Lauren actually is from months ago. It was taken before Lauren even met Ben Higgins, so obviously it is not a ring from him. Also, this ring doesn’t show a huge rock, and if Neil Lane made the ring, you know it is going to be huge and gorgeous.

This photo was posted on Lauren’s sister Mollie’s Instagram page. It shows four girls together having a good time, and Lauren Bushnell has a ring on her fourth finger. If you see this photo not knowing when it was taken, it would be easy to assume that Lauren made a mistake and wore her ring out in public. If Ben and Lauren are engaged, then she wouldn’t be allowed to wear that ring out in public. Lauren is a smart girl, though, and she should know better than to wear the ring. Most of the time, you see the ring get put on the winner’s finger during the big finale of The Bachelor.

This ring was worn the same month that Lauren met Ben. This was actually 19 weeks ago. Yes, Ben and Lauren are done filming the show, but viewers can’t know who wins it all yet. There is no way that this was an engagement ring from Ben, but that leaves everyone wondering if Lauren Bushnell could be the one that he picks in the end anyway. Now, other pics of Lauren are coming out that show her without a ring on that finger. The speculation is going crazy, though.

Hollywood Take shared some big spoilers about this season, though. Spoiler king Reality Steve said that Ben Higgins is engaged at the end of the show. He will pick one girl, and if Steve is right, it will be Lauren Bushnell. This could be the reason that everyone jumped to conclusions when they saw the ring on Lauren’s finger and figured it was an engagement ring. On Week 3 of the show, Lauren and Ben had a great one-on-one date, and it proved that she is obviously a favorite and won’t be leaving the show anytime soon. Only time will tell if Reality Steve is right about who Ben picks in the end.

Last season on the show, Kaitlyn Bristowe ended up spoiling the entire season by sending out a Snapchat photo with Shawn Booth in her bed. Everyone was shocked when she did this, but Kaitlyn later explained she meant to send it to someone privately. After this happened, you know that Ben Higgins and whoever he proposed to are going to be more careful. Ben doesn’t even have a Snapchat account, and if he does, he is keeping it private. He has been very smart about what he is posting on social networks so far.

Do you think that Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins are now engaged? Do you feel like she is the one that wins his heart in the end? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelor 2016 on Monday nights on ABC.

[Image via Instagram]