Beyoncé Pregnant: Singer Allegedly 5 Months Pregnant With Baby No. 2

Is Beyoncé pregnant again? The singer, who has been seemingly hiding her stomach, and possible baby bump, for weeks is close to five months pregnant, says one music industry insider.

According to Radar Online, Beyoncé is pregnant, and already in her second trimester at five months pregnant. Bey, who has pregnancy rumors about her spark up every few months, may actually really be pregnant time time around, and fans are going crazy about the fact that Blue Ivy could be getting a new little brother or sister.

Over the weekend, Beyoncé shot a music video in Los Angeles, and buzz on the set was allegedly about her noticeable baby bump, sparking rumors that she’s pregnant with her second child.

Beyonce pregnant again? [Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images]“Although she didn’t announce it or anything, it was pretty apparent from the way she was acting,” that the pregnancy rumors seemed to be true, said the source.

The insider added that Beyoncé looks close to five months pregnant, and that she also had a stunt body double to do all the action and more taxing stunts during the music video shoot.

The insider also says that it’s likely that Beyoncé is pregnant because she was also trying to keep her mid-section covered and wearing a big, baggy hoodie instead of her usual skin tight clothing.

“She had a dress on, but this really big black hoodie covering up. That was the outfit she used for the whole shoot. She definitely had a little belly pouch.”

The source also reveals that Beyoncé is likely pregnant because she was she was complaining about being very tired and nauseous.

“It was pretty apparent what was going on.”

If Beyoncé really is pregnant with baby No. 2, when will she announced the huge news? While pregnant with Blue Ivy, Queen Bey shocked the world by baring her bump at the MTV Music Video Awards and showed it off hard on stage during her performance. Since Beyoncé is rumored to be performing at the star-studded half-time show of Super Bowl 50 next month, could it be that the singer will choose then, with the nation watching, to bare her baby bump and reveal that she’s having another child?

Meanwhile, it would not be shocking if Beyoncé was, in fact, pregnant with another baby. The singer and her husband, rapper Jay Z, have been reportedly trying to get pregnant for over a year.

Beyonce and Jay Z want a sibling for daughter Blue Ivy.
[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

“They [Beyoncé and Jay Z] want to give Blue a sibling and not too far apart in age. She’s been trying to lighten her load a little, so if it happens she’s prepared work-wise, an insider revealed of the couple last year. The couple’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter turned 4-years-old earlier this month and Beyonce was seen at the party looking very curvy, especially in the mid-section in a loose gray sweater.”

It’s understandable that celebrities may want to hide their pregnancy for a while, as many women don’t tell their extended family and friends that they’re expecting until after their first trimester is over and the pregnancy is at less risk for a miscarriage. Besides, celebrities lives are already so out in the open, it seems that they would want some time to celebrate the occasion just as a couple or family before the entire world knows.

However, as many famous moms know, you can’t hide that baby bump forever, and sooner rather than later, Beyoncé will have to tell fans that she’s pregnant before her stomach grows so big she’s no longer able to hide it under baggy clothing. Until that time, fans and the media will continue to speculate and will definitely be watching the Super Bowl halftime show very closely for signs of pregnancy.

What are your thoughts on the reports that Beyoncé is five months pregnant?

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