Burger King Employee Quits And Takes Every Chicken Nugget With Him, But There’s A Twist

When leaving a job that hasn’t been one that you love or that hasn’t been the best experience of your life, one usually likes to make a statement. Well, one Burger King employee took things a step further when they quit their job on and his last day, took every single chicken nugget that the restaurant had in stock, but there’s a bit of an M. Night Shyamalan twist to all this.

Uproxx went out on a limb and referred to the guy as a “hero,” but maybe that’s not a term that is so far-fetched here.

burger king chicken nuggets employee quits steals [Image via Twitter]The Twitter user is known as “Zealot” and has since deleted his tweet, but this was the picture that he posted. The chicken nuggets were all strapped in after his last day on the job at Burger King and he included this caption with it.


Well, since he took off with the nuggets, the guy has gotten some recognition around the world. He’s done interviews and been covered by multiple media outlets all across the Internet. Again, many are looking at him as a hero and why not?

I just did a national interview… over chicken nuggets

— Zealot (@johnalexcorrea) January 27, 2016

His friends are looking at him now as “The Chicken King,” according to KFOR.

Unfortunately, the tweet had been deleted by Tuesday afternoon, but this is the Internet. Nothing is gone forever once it lands on the web for even a single second. It’s been screen-shotted, copied, pasted, and saved.

BuzzFeed was able to get a bit of information on the Burger King employee/chicken nugget avenger, and his name is John Correa, an 18-year-old high school student from Miami. He did an interview with the site and this is where the twist came about.

It never happened.

Correa apparently never took the chicken nuggets and the fan of satirical comedy did it all to make a very valid point. That point being that the Internet pretty much falls for whatever they are shown and “whatever is glorified” is what they pass around.

“You see something on media, you automatically believe it was true… and you automatically follow whatever it says.”

It’s a very valid point by Correa who said that no-one ever reached out to him to find out the validity of the story or the pictures. The pictures are real, but it was simply him making a chicken nugget run from another Burger King because the one he works for ran out of them.

People love to believe whatever they read or see online. In the past month alone, a number of them have gone viral on Facebook and other social media accounts and caused a lot of stir.

John Correa doesn’t plan on working at Burger King forever, but he is still a current employee there. He loves photography and plans on studying organic architecture in the future so that energy can be provided for the environment.

He has a green mind, not a mean streak.

It’s kind of amazing that it takes an 18-year-old to teach a world full of adults not to believe every single thing you read or see. The Internet is full of hoax after hoax, and here was a simple picture with a funny caption and it went wild. John Correa didn’t steal all of the chicken nuggets from Burger King, but he has stolen the time of many around the world with a great point.

[Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]