‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 — Chloë Sevigny Rumored To Return, But Will Evan Peters And Emma Roberts?

Following another successful season of American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy and company are already looking forward to the show’s sixth season. Although some stars, like Chloë Sevigny, are fairly certain they’ll return next season, can fans expect Evan Peters and Emma Roberts to return as well?

In her recent interview with PopSugar, Sevigny discussed her feelings on being a part of the hit show next season. While she was not certain that Murphy will give her a call to return to the horror drama, the actress was excited about the opportunity.

“I think so. I think I have a pretty good relationship with everybody over there, and if they ask me back, it depends on what they’re doing and all that, but it’s great,” she stated. “It’s really fun. I love it.”

Sevigny has been a part of several seasons of American Horror Story, although not all of them. In addition to revealing her desire to return to the series, Sevigny also discussed playing a vampire in Hotel. In particular, Sevigny revealed how she tried to play her part with subtle differences before and after she was turned into a vampire.

Chloë Sevigny [Image via FX]

Meanwhile, although Peters had a role on American Horror Story last season, Roberts was missing in action after being cast for Murphy’s newest show, Scream Queens. According to Bustle, this marked the first time that Peters and Roberts were not included in the same season of AHS. With that change in Season 6?

At this point, it looks as though both actors should return to the series next season. Not only have they both discussed the upcoming season in separate interviews, but it also appears as though their off-screen relationship is back on track.

Peters and Roberts have been together on and off over the past few years. Although they ended their engagement back in the summer of 2015, the two are now back together. This certainly bodes well for their prospects of returning, but it still isn’t clear if Murphy will write them as romantic interests in the new season.

For her part, Roberts’ departure last season may be one motivation for her to return to the show. In fact, back when American Horror Story was wrapping up filming for Hotel, the actress told Yahoo Celebrity that a conflict in her scheduling prevented her to make a cameo on the show. Despite not being a part of Hotel, Roberts was excited about whatever Murphy had in mind for Season 6.

Emma Roberts [Image via FX]

“I’m sad about it. We tried to make it work, but I’m leaving town to go do a movie and they’re shooting the last two episodes right now, so Ryan and I said next season we’ll do something amazing and devilish,” Roberts shared.

While she could not be a part of last season, Roberts went on to reveal that she would love to work alongside Lady Gaga, who made a smashing debut on the show last season.

“I love this season, I watch most of it with my eyes closed, but I think I get the gist,” Roberts stated. “I love Lady Gaga so much, so I was like, ‘Next season I want to work with Lady Gaga for sure.’”

Considering how Gaga won a Golden Globe for her part in the series, it’s a fair bet that Murphy will try his best to get her back on the show. Based on Roberts’ comments, this should help seal the deal for her return to the series. Exactly what Murphy has in store for Roberts and Peters, however, is still up in the air.

The sixth season of America Horror Story is expected to air in the fall on FX.

Tell us! Who do you want to see on the next season of American Horror Story? Let us know in the comments below, and check out a few of the scariest scenes from the latest season, Hotel, below.

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