Cops Search for Doctor who Injected Michael Jackson with Demerol

Police are now searching for Michael Jackson’s personal physician who gave him a shot of the powerful painkiller, Demerol, before he died.

Police in L.A. are putting the word out via the media that they want to interview the doctor who gave Michael Jackson a shot of Demerol before he died. Jackson’s family has adamantly insisted since his death that the star was taking too much of the painkiller, given to him by his personal physician. Last night after Jackson’s death, police towed away a BMW belonging to the doctor as part of their investigation, and now the doctor cannot be located.

Speculation now is that Jackson may have overdosed on the drug, and a physician should have known when to stop. Now that the doctor cannot be found, it is possible that the doc may be partially responsible for his death.

I’m willing to bet the doctor will turn up with an attorney real soon.

[Source: TMZ]