Rob Kardashian Getting Fit For Blac Chyna, Fitness Equals ‘Better Sex’

Khloe Kardashian may not be happy about her brother Rob Kardashian’s hookup with Blac Chyna, but there are some things about the relationship that may work out well for Rob. Even though Khloe and the Kardashian-Jenner family think Blac is a “terrible influence” in her brother’s life, Chyna is giving Rob some much-needed motivation to get fit. According to Hollywood Life, it’s not just any kind of fitness that Blac wants for Rob. The new fitness routine involves getting sweaty in more places than in the gym, and she has some “getting freaky in the sheets” workouts as well!

A fan took to Twitter to say how “amazing” it is that Blac got Rob into the gym and pointed out that Chyna is very into fitness.

2016 is Rob’s year of finally finding the fitness motivation to regularly hit the gym, and the gym is handily located right there in Blac’s house. It doesn’t take much effort to roll out of bed and down the hall to do a fitness routine without ever going outside, and when the gym is in Rob’s super sexy hookup’s house, that makes it even easier to get fit.

A source spoke to Hollywood Life about Rob’s feelings towards fitness these days.

“Rob is convinced the only way he will get healthy is with Blac Chyna. She is the only person that has motivated him.”

Kardashian has wanted to look good for a long time, but his struggles with food addiction and depression have made fitness a tough goal to reach. Now, it looks like Blac Chyna, 27, has found the perfect motivator for Rob, 28. Khloe Kardashian is still unimpressed and is rumored to have thrown Rob out of her house because of his romance with Blac.

Rob’s Instagram post about Blac Chyna certainly hasn’t helped the situation.


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But for Rob, it’s all about getting better. He’s had a hard time sticking to fitness routines and workouts in the past, even while living in his sister Khloe’s house and receiving all her loving support. With Chyna in his life, he has a much stronger reason to “work up a sweat” and get fit, fast.

“His sisters and mother have tried and failed and Blac has helped out the best because there is sex attached to the motivation.”

Rob’s longtime issues with diabetes and out-of-control eating have made him react to other things with the same addictive attitude. Sex with Blac seems to be replacing food on Rob’s list of must-haves.

“And as much as sandwiches and crappy food are addicting for Rob, sex is is even more important and addicting and is looking to be the only thing that will help Rob in the long run!”

Whatever Khloe thinks of the “unexpected couple,” TMZ reports that Chyna is a “positive influence’ on the only Kardashian brother. The fitness part of their relationship started “about a month ago” when Blac decided to see what she could do to help Rob get fit. She brought her own personal trainer to meet Rob, and from there, both the fitness and the romance took off in a big way. Now, Blac and Rob regularly share “intense workouts” and “get sweaty” together, in the gym and in certain other places!

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