'Grey's Anatomy' Season 12 Spoilers — Owen's Sister Is Coming To Town, Will She Shed Light On Riggs?

One of the biggest mysteries going into the second half of Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy centers on the history between Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson). While the midseason finale hinted at some kind of past feud between the two characters, fans were left wondering about the origin of their beef. With that in mind, will Owen's sister shed some light on why Owen hates Riggs so much?

According to Design & Trend, fans will be introduced to Owen's sister when Grey's Anatomy returns to television next month. Although his sister won't be appearing in the opening episode, titled "All I Want Is You," fans can expect to meet her in Episode 14. With that in mind, who is Owen's sister? And what might she reveal about the feud between Owen and Riggs?

For starters, Carter Matt is reporting that it is possible that Riggs is actually Owen's sister. Although this is admittedly farfetched, it would not come as a complete surprise considering how Grey's Anatomy has stretched boundaries in the past. Given how far the transgender movement has come in the past few years, it would also be fairly on topic for the hit medical drama to address the issue head on.

Meredith is also attacked by a patient in the next all-new episode of 'Grey's Anatomy.' [Image via ABC]
Meredith is also attacked by a patient in the next all-new episode of 'Grey's Anatomy.' [Image via ABC]

However, the idea that Riggs is actually Owen's sister was recently put down by Henderson in an interview with TV Line at the Television Critics Association press tour. During the interview, Henderson admitted that it would be a great storyline if Riggs turned out to be Owen's sister, but that the show was not preparing to take that angle just yet.

"While it would be nice to have the opportunity to play such complexity on network TV, I sadly doubt it will be as controversial or topical as that," he told the outlet.

Owen's sister has been a mysterious character in the past, with some fans putting out the notion that she is actually dead. Luckily, Henderson also put to rest those rumors when he promised fans that his sister is alive and well despite her disappearance.

"It's more ambiguous than that," he continued in the interview. "There's nothing definite about the fate of his sister."

While it is good to know that Owen's sister is not Riggs and that she is alive, Henderson's comments did not reveal any more details concerning her character. Even still, fans can still hold out hope that her appearance will offer some clues as to what went down between Riggs and Henderson in their past.

Fans are dying to know why Owen hates Riggs so much. [Image via ABC]
Fans are dying to know why Owen hates Riggs so much. [Image via ABC]

Despite Owen's obvious distaste for Riggs, perhaps his sister will be able to push past his anger and get to the bottom of what happened. Either way, Owen's history with Riggs will likely be uncovered at some point this season. Whether that happens sooner rather than later is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, the next episode of Grey's Anatomy will pick up following the events of the midseason finale. Notably, fans will finally get to find out what becomes of Jackson Avery's (Jesse Williams) marriage with April Kepner (Sarah Drew). With their relationship hanging in the balance, the two will have one last chance to salvage their marriage.

At the same time, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) will be facing a new series of challenges after being attacked in the hospital by a patient. Will she be able to recover from her injuries and move on with her life? Will April and Jackson work things out? Fans will have to tune in to find the answers to these questions and more when Grey's Anatomy returns to television.

Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy continues with the premiere of "All I Want Is You" on February 11 on ABC.

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[Image via ABC]