Rihanna And Drake ‘Work’ Song, Lyrics Buzz: Music Video To Have Horses, Police And Crazy Cars At Shopping Mall [Photos]

Now that Rihanna and Drake are breaking the Internet with their new “Work” single, folks are hot and heavy on the trail of Rihanna and Drake’s “Work” music video. Rihanna and Drake have always had great chemistry, as seen when the duo performed at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 13, 2011, in Los Angeles.

Before “Work” dropped, Drake’s lyrics always had folks guessing about the love interest in some of his main songs. When Drake sings, “because you’re a good girl and you know it,” from the lyrics of his “Hold On, We’re Going Home” song, it refers to the fact that Rihanna’s breakout third album in 2007, dubbed her a “Good Girl Gone Bad.” And now with Rihanna and Drake’s collaboration on “Work,” fans on Twitter are calling for an entire album collaboration from the beloved duo. They are also posting photos from the “Work” video shoot, the casting call, and all the stuff that can be sneaked onto social media without getting removed by copyright claims.

Rihanna’s thick accent from Saint Michael, Barbados, really comes through in the “Work” song, more so than any of her other hit songs. Thus far, the lyrics of the “Work” song hit upon both meanings of the word work. First, there’s the incessant work that comes along with high-powered careers, including people like Rihanna and Drake, who both work so hard on their music. Then there’s the ever-present secondary meaning of work, which when used in a phrase such as “putting in work” can mean someone trying hard to be a good lover.

For Rihanna’s part of “Work,” the lyrics that can be understood despite her accent speak of a woman who is trying to make amends and move forward and show that special someone that she is trying — indeed, putting in work to show her love to him. Whether that “him” will be Drake in the end or not remains to be seen.

“You know I dealt with you the nicest.

Nobody dealt with me in a crisis.

Who am I to hold your past against you?

What can I say? Just recognize I’m trying baby”

Drake chimes in with his “Work” lyrics, urging his woman to get done working so that they can spend time together — even though he is busy putting in the same amount of work — if not more — on his music career.

“You need to get done done done

We just need to slow the motion

Don’t give that away to no one

If you had a twin I would still choose you

Sorry if I’m way less frantic

I spilled all my emotions tonight”

The entire “Work” song’s audio can be heard on E! As far as when the “Work” music video will drop, that remains to be seen.

A lyrics video of Rihanna and Drake’s “Work” song is already up on YouTube, as seen below. With talk of Rihanna being righteous — the “Work” lyrics feature Rihanna singing about tables turning, and Rihanna “doing dirt” or “having dirt” done to her. She also sings about waiting for her turn and hoping someone will notice all her hard work.

Drake meanwhile, wants to slow down the motion of a relationship that’s long distance.

“How many more shots until you’re rolling?

We just need a face to face

You could pick the time and the place”

Meanwhile, the photos seen below from the video shoot for “Work” give hints of what Rihanna and Drake fans can expect when the real music video for “Work” drops.

Expect crazy-looking cars.

Expect dappled horses like in the Book of Revelation.

Expect cops and riders of horses.

Expect video snippets of the “Work” video to be taken down due to copyright claims.

(AP Photo/Matt Sayles)