Farrah Abraham Offends Derek Underwood’s Mom With ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion, Stormie Clark Was Shut Out

Farrah Abraham’s life has been chronicled on MTV since she began taping the original installment of 16 & Pregnant. Her boyfriend, Derek Underwood, was tragically killed in a car accident before she was able to give birth to their daughter, Sophia. The incident really hit Abraham hard. She was thrown into the life of a single mother in the blink of an eye. Underwood’s family has never been a big part of Teen Mom, only making minimal appearances since the beginning. Recently, there were some scenes filmed, and it angered a few people. It was the episode that addressed Abraham talking to Sophia about her father and spending time with members of Underwood’s family.

Just recently, Teen Mom OG aired Farrah Abraham bringing Sophia back to the area where she met Derek Underwood. There has been minimal talk of “daddy Derek” with Sophia, but as she gets older, more and more questions come up. Abraham decided to bring her back “home,” and set up a meeting with Underwood’s dad and step-mom. According to Radar Online, Farrah Abraham left out Derek Underwood’s biological mother, Stormie Clark. In fact, Clark is speaking out about being “heartbroken” over the incident and has publicly called out MTV for snubbing her at the reunion.

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There were a few scenes during Teen Mom where Farrah Abraham talked about Derek Underwood’s mom trying to sue her for visitation with Sophia. Abraham addressed the situation with Underwood’s dad and step-mom in an episode, and they vowed to stand by her. This all happened in 2010 and since then, Stormie Clark has not been discussed again. The night the episode of the reunion aired with Abraham and the Underwood family, Clark took to Twitter to throw a fit. She believes it was unfair that she was not included, though that isn’t what made her the most furious. When MTV was labeling people during the episode, they labeled Debbie as Derek’s mom, not step-mom. Clark thinks that was a slap in the face, and who could blame her?

Giving Farrah Abraham props isn’t always easy. Teen Mom OG fans can pick out a million and one reasons that she is failing at parenting, but praising Abraham seems to be hard. Dealing with Sophia and the situation with Derek Underwood being gone hasn’t been easy. According to Wetpaint, Farrah Abraham is doing a good job explaining things to Sophia and keeping her questions answered. While reading her the newspaper article with the details of Underwood’s death was a little much, her intentions were good. Having a child at such a young age and then dealing with the loss of someone you loved so deeply affects everyone differently. Abraham will never be the same, and she is learning to cope with that.

This time around, Farrah Abraham isn’t being slammed for her decision. She is solely responsible for doing what is right for Sophia and, while sometimes her vision may be a little skewed, Abraham’s decision to avoid Derek Underwood’s mom while in town was her call. Stormie Clark took Abraham to court for visitation of Sophia, but ended up losing. Why would Abraham want anything else to do with her? Instead of approaching the situation head on and asking to see her granddaughter, she went the underhanded route. Abraham has always had a decent relationship with Underwood’s father, and it looks like that will continue in the future.

As of now, Farrah Abraham has responded to the comments Stormie Clark has made to the media, complete with accusations. She wasn’t thrilled about the initial battle she had with Derek Underwood’s mom, and this time will likely be no different. Abraham made the decision she thought was best for Sophia regarding the reunion and visit to her dad’s grave, and she will stand by it going forward.

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