Josh Duggar Might Settle Lawsuit With Danica Dillon While Anna’s Thank You Might Mean Financial Woes For Duggar Family [Video]

Josh Duggar has agreed to a settlement conference with Danica Dillon after things reportedly did not go so well at their pre-trial conference January 21. Although just last week, Duggar claimed he would never settle with the stripper, Radar Online reports that Duggar agreed to a March 31 settlement conference with Dillon, and the Duggar family is pushing for a settlement to reduce damage to their already-battered reputation.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, both Josh and Danica are required to be at the meeting and to submit settlement offers to each other. Since Dillon still insists that Josh Duggar was rough and abusive, it’s not clear what kind of settlement offer the adult film star will accept.


Earlier this month, Josh Duggar’s lawyers asked the judge to force Dillon to detail her encounters with Duggar as well as produce records that she has suffered monetary damage as well as post-traumatic stress disorder from having sex with Josh Duggar for money. So far, the stripper allegedly has not produced anything except a $900 contract for the strip club where she claims to have met Josh.

In addition to her court documents she submitted to the judge, Danica Dillon recently went on record with Hustler magazine, giving a tell-all interview about her experience having sex with Duggar. Next to revealing photographs of the porn star, Dillon told interviewers that Josh called her “worthless” and degraded her during their consensual encounters.

After purchasing $600 worth of lap dances, the stripper agreed to meet privately with Josh, who immediately ordered her to “[g]et undressed. Get on your knees.” Dillon, who has stared in 128 movies including some with hard core scenes, described what happened next as “terrifying” and made her wonder if “he’s done this to me, how many other girls has he done this to?”

She also describes how Josh “grabbed my head and pulled me on to him,” forcing her into sexual positions she did not want to do.

Although the porn star says she had post-traumatic stress disorder after meeting with Duggar, according to court documents submitted by Josh Duggar’s attorneys, Dillon does not seem that traumatized. Instead of submitting proof Josh harmed her, Dillon “found the time to bowl at Admiral Robinson Recreation Center in San Diego, California, ride a helicopter in Kauai, Hawaii, attend a San Diego chargers game, and to publicize photographs of herself undertaking those activities on Instagram.”

Josh Duggar also claims he has given the stripper’s attorneys “video footage and photographs” proving Josh was nowhere near the strip club or hotel where Dillon claims to have had sex with Josh. The court documents also allege that Josh Duggar provided “the contact information of many eyewitnesses.”

Josh Duggar has tried twice to get the $500,000 case against him dismissed, although he has been unsuccessful both times. If both parties cannot make an agreement during their settlement conference, the case will go to trial in May.

While her husband defends himself against Danica in court, Anna Duggar has penned a blog post thanking fans for their concern while she struggles with life. In her statement, Anna told fans it is “actually humbling and touching” how many people have expressed concern about her. Duggar confirmed she spent time with Josh over Christmas, and the scandals have only solidified her relationship with Josh, and made her faith more “precious” than ever before.

Instead of publishing her words over Facebook, Anna shared them on the Duggar family website, which has raised some eyebrows, since the Duggar family makes money based on views and clicks on their website. With neither Josh nor Anna working, and with the legal fees from the Danica Dillon lawsuit mounting, it’s possible Anna and Josh are in dire financial straights. Anna’s blog entry was shared on Facebook, although viewers had to visit the Duggar family website to view it.

The Duggars have reportedly started filming with TLC again, although there is no word whether Josh Duggar is involved.

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