‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Star Caity Lotz Discusses The Differences From ‘Arrow’, Love Interests, And Executive Producer Praises Diversity

Legends of Tomorrow is finally here, and fans are beginning to form opinions on DC Comics’ and the CW’s latest comic book adaptation show. The Inquisitr reported on the new Firestorm’s, Franz Drameh’s, take on Legends of Tomorrow, who was on The Flash previously, but no one coming off of Arrow has given their thoughts just yet. Caity Lotz, formerly Canary and now the White Canary in the new show, sat down to answer a few questions about her experience on Legends of Tomorrow versus being on Arrow. According to Comicbook, Lotz explained the difference between where Sara Lance/White Canary is versus where Sara Lance/Canary was in her last Arrow seasons.

“I think Season Two [of Arrow] was fabulous character season for Sara. She got to do a lot and change a lot and do a lot and experience a lot. Then Season Three, there was nothing really there. She dies, and then she’s lying there dead. I don’t think Season Three was a good one for her. Season Four, I only did a couple of episodes but that was all setting up for Legends. Now, this is a giant character piece, especially the first season and the first two episodes in particular in about setting up a big story that’s very plot driven. As it goes, it gets deeper and more character driven and I really like that.”

Canary in Arrow season 2 [Image via Arrow Season 2 Screenshot| Courtesy Of CW | Cropped and Resized]Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, besides sharing characters like Sara Lance/White Canary, the Atom, and pretty much the entirety of the cast, are very different. Where Arrow is dark and gritty, Legends of Tomorrow is a little less serious and has some comedy.

“Our show is everything. It’s super-funny-lighthearted and then it’s really dramatic and dark. Some people say it’s not like TheAvengers because it’s so dark and others are ‘this is totally like The Avengers.’ [I]t’s got its own thing and I don’t know how it does it but it manages to go all over the place but still always feel like it’s the same show.”

Sara Lance, prior to dying and then being resurrected as White Canary, had relationships that just about as essential as the Green Arrow’s myriad of relationships throughout the seasons. White Canary’s relationships in Legends of Tomorrow would seem to hold some weight as Canary’s did in Arrow, but according to Caity Lotz, that is not so.

“As of now, they have not gone into [Nyssa] and I think this season is not about love for Sara Lance. She needs to figure out who she is, figure out herself. They haven’t addressed it. I would love for them to. I love Katrina, and everyone loves [Nyssa] with Sara. I’m sure we’ll address it, I can’t imagine that we never will.”

Legends of Tomorrow is different in many ways from its predecessors, The Flash and Arrow, with so many varying characters on one big team. Time travel and everything else aside, executive producer Greg Berlanti (The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow) says diversity is one more difference. Race, gender, cultures, and ages are the aim of the diversity Berlanti speaks of, and suggests that there is more to come in future seasons of Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends Of Tomorrow cast
Image Via DC's Legends of Tomorrow 2016 featurette| Courtesy Of CW |Cropped and Resized

“That’s the desire. It makes the story more interesting; it allows us to keep going to more places and keep working with better and better talent. That being said, I think everybody can take things even further. I don’t look at this ensemble and think it’s as diverse as it should be or could be even two or three years from now.”

You can catch White Canary and the rest of the team on Legends of Tomorrow this Thursday for the CW show’s second part of the pilot episode.

[Image via Legends of Tomorrow ‘White Canary’ featurette/The CW | Cropped and Resized]