The Science Of Spider-Man. Someone Could Actually Become A Superhero [Video]

Spider-Man is awesome, there is very little debating that fact and now it turns out that someone could actually become Spider-Man if a spider released just the right retrovirus.

In a video by the team at the “science of Spider-Man” is explained, showing exactly how a human would need to mutate in order to become a crime fighting human Spider-man.

The retrovirus would have to make its way to every single cell in the human body and code for different functions, while possible it would be highly unlikely or even “amazing” as the videos creators point out.

Other issues include the creation of more actin and myosin which are needed to make a human stronger. While a spider can lift 50 times its weight that ability is proportional based on size, because of a human’s shape the Actin and Myosin would be needed for muscle contraction and strength.

The video also points out that in order to climb walls a human Spider-Man would need permanently harry hands and feet in order for Spider-Man to carry 170 times his weight up walls.

In terms of spidey senses it is completely possible that this ability could exist however since a spiders senses rely on changes in air pressure and vibration a real life Spider-Man would only be able to experience momentary changes from up close, giving them very little time to react.

Even if you think the idea of a human Spider-Man is ridiculous this is a great video to show your kids if you want to teach them some really cool facts about spiders and the world of sciences in general.

If anyone has a retrovirus that will turn me into Spider-Man I am fully willing to give it a try, harry hands is a small price to pay when becoming “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

Then again we could all just become Batman by putting on body armor and driving around in super awesome tech-enabled vehicles with a utility belt full of crime-fighting goodies.