Lamb with 5 Legs and 6 Feet born in Tahmoor, Australia

A lamb with 4 normal legs and a 5th leg with 2 feet growing out of the back of it’s head was recently born in Tahmoor, Australia.

Neil Falk, a farmer, says he noticed the odd looking lamb running around on his property on June 14th and that he had only seen this condition once before at a fair where a lamb with a similar deformity was on display. The lamb appears to be in good health with no signs of pain, inhibited movement or distress and the other sheep don’t seem to mind.

A spokeswoman for the Sydney University veterinary facilities at Cobbitty said the lamb’s condition was extremely rare.

“There’s lots of things that can cause the abnormality like genetics or toxins which impair the development of different stages of the foetus. We don’t see it very often but when we do see it it can sometimes be because of something the animal ate.”

Falk says that if the animal were in pain or not able to function properly he would have had it put down, but it appears to be healthy and happy so he’ll be keeping it around.

[Source & Photo: Macarthur Chronicle]