First Pictures Of Louis Tomlinson With His Son And Briana Emerge

Pictures of Louis Tomlinson carrying his tiny son in a carrier have emerged today. In one of the shots, viewers even get their first post-birth glimpse of Louis’ former flame Briana Jungwirth, who gave birth to the child this week, and who looks healthy and calm.

Louis makes the most of his impressive arm-power, hauling the baby-carrier in one hand (Louis is reported to have the biggest biceps in One Direction).

Sadly, the tot is not visible in the blue carrier. The infant Tomlinson, whose name is rumored to by “Sydney Rain,” is hidden by a white covering draped over the open section of the baby-carrier. Louis was probably eager to avoid a swarm of paparazzi bearing down on him and his son as they tried to get a good shot of Sydney Rain asleep in his compartment.

In other One Direction news, the long-awaited video for the final single “History” dropped today, as reported by Sugarscape. The video contains montage footage of One Direction over the years, covering each “era,” from their time on the X Factor to their tour moments and video shoots, to their very final performance, which was also on the X Factor.

The old-school montage footage is interspersed with new footage, where the guys dance in front of a brick wall. Highlights include the chorus-line, leg-kicking dance the guys do for the last chorus, Niall Horan’s crisp black shirt and glasses, the sharp way Niall addresses the camera after he sings “teach ya this in school,” Harry’s casual wave before the guys split into two groups and go their separate ways at the end, and Louis’ fresh-looking vertically-striped jumper.

A shot of the guys standing with the film crew has also surfaced on social media.

Billboard ran a report saying One Direction are “getting nostalgic” in their new video. The report gave a rundown of production and writing credits, with shout-outs to writing team Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne and producers John Ryan and Julian Bunetta.

“History,” an upbeat pop song written by Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson alongside producers John Ryan and Julian Bunetta, follows “Drag Me Down” and “Perfect” as singles off November’s Made in the A.M, the group’s fifth studio album and first without Malik. The band is currently on hiatus for 2016.

Between old music video clips, goofy behind-the-scenes footage, and sweet moments between the guys, if you’re a fan of 1D, this one is going to make you tear up…and we haven’t even gotten to the kick line finale!

It is believed that Harry Styles’ pal Ben Winston directed the “History” video. Harry is also known to be good friends with Ben Winston’s wife, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Harry’s mom Anne Twist even took to Twitter to thank Ben for the “History” video, admitting that she cried. This follows Simon Cowell’s admission that the “History” video made him emotional and he too may have cried a bit.

Fan reactions were very positive, with many following Anne and Simon’s lead as they choked back tears.


Some viewers thought they could see a trend where the montage moments were carefully selected to match or complement the lyrics. For example, the lyric “thought we were going strong” is set to a clip of Louis Tomlinson still chummy with ex-bandmate Zayn Malik, who sensationally quit One Direction last year. The lyric “I thought we were holding on” is accompanied by a shot of Harry Styles falling over, and Niall Horan laughing.

Did you enjoy the One Direction “History” video?

(Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP)