Tamar Braxton Is Headed Back To School After Inspirational Meeting With Michelle Obama [Video]

Tamar Braxton is headed back to school. The singer and co-host of The Real talk show recently interviewed first lady Michelle Obama, and after speaking with her was inspired to return to college. Tamar and her co-hosts met with Mrs. Obama in the East Room of the White House.

Braxton posted how excited she was over her assignment on Instagram, noted the Grio.

“What an amazing day. God is excellent, and not in a zillion years did I think I would be at the White House to interview one of my new favorite people @MichelleObama. I always knew I would sing there but not [visit] as a journalist.”

In the same post, Tamar mentioned that she is going to return to school.

“Oh and I’m going back to school, ya’ll. The one thing I learned on this trip is even if you are already successful, it’s never too late for an education. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Encourage yourself and one another [to] be the best you. The one thing I learned on this trip is even if you are already successful… it’s NEVER too late for an education. You can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you. Encourage yourself and one another. Be the BEST you.”

She even sent personal encouragement to family members about going back to school and applying for FAFSA which she referred to as “free grant money for education,” which isn’t totally accurate, but the sentiment behind the post is a good one.

Submitting a FAFSA application is a free, but depending upon prospective students’ financial situation, they may get grants and loans, or only loans, which may take many years to pay back.

It’s surprising to some that Tamar wants to return to school at this stage in her life. She has been married to music executive husband Vincent Herbert since 2008 and the couple’s son, Logan, is now a 2-year-old. Her lifestyle is a busy one, but an education is important to her, and the “Calling All Lovers” singer will make time for it.

Tamar’s co-hosts joined her on the visit to the White House for the Michelle Obama interview. They talked to the first lady about the “Better Make Room” program, part of the Reach Higher initiative which aired on The Real on January 26.

“Better Make Room” targets 14- to 19-year-olds and gives them a space to post content as they navigate from high school to college. The program uses traditional as well as new media to highlight the stories of student journeys–much like athletes and entertainers are celebrated.

The Real‘s co-host Loni Love asked the first lady, “Who got better grades in high school–you or the president?” She responded that it wasn’t even close, and that during high school, our now president “was a bum,” who fooled around and didn’t get himself together until he transferred from Occidental College to Columbia, during his second year of college, per CNN News.

Mrs. Obama said her husband faltered because he grew up without a father and had to figure out who he was as a man, which is why he now helps young men who are trying to find themselves. The first lady used her husband’s life story as encouragement and inspiration to those who may not be doing well in school, saying it’s not too late to change the course of their lives.

[Photo via Cooper Neill/Getty Images]