Louis Tomlinson: Why Is Briana Jungwirth Consistently Called His ‘Former Flame’?

The wild stories about Louis Tomlinson finally came to a close last week when Briana Jungwirth reportedly gave birth to a baby boy. Tomlinson took to twitter in the early hours of Saturday morning to tell his 21 million followers that he was daddy to a healthy baby son and that he was “very happy.” As reported in Inquisitr Louis then celebrated the birth by going shopping for sunglasses, and it must be said that Louis looked anything but happy when he was approached by paparazzi photographers on his way to Sunglass Hut.

The entire story about baby Tomlinson has been a disaster from the start. Firstly the story that Louis and Briana were to become parents was leaked to U.K. tabloid the Sun last July. It was claimed that Tomlinson was not in a relationship with Jungwirth but that he was “happy” at the prospect of becoming a father. Other than his Twitter message on Saturday, Tomlinson has said absolutely nothing about Briana’s pregnancy other than his very short and awkward comment on Good Morning America in August. It has been widely reported that Louis had banned journalists from asking questions about the matter.

Many of Louis’ fans are confused about Tomlinson’s refusal to discuss the matter, especially as he known to love kids. Tomlinson is a massive supporter of children’s charities, and his generosity to those charities is nothing short of incredible.

Since the news of Louis’ becoming a father broke last Friday, we have seen the emergence of a new narrative with regards to Briana Jungwirth. Numerous outlets have begun to focus on three main themes with regards to Tomlinson and his baby mama. First, Briana is now constantly referred to as Louis “ex” or his “former flame.” Second, the tabloids are now focusing on what level of child support Louis will pay and lastly there are claims of bad blood between Tomlinson and Briana’s “greedy” family.

The facts with regard to Tomlinson’s “relationship” with Jungwirth are as plain as the nose on your face. Put simply, it appears that there was no “relationship.” Whilst Louis and Briana were photographed on a few occasions leaving clubs, they were never an item. Not once has Tomlinson mentioned Briana’s name publicly. Never, not even when he posted his message about his son’s birth was Briana mentioned. Louis mentioned that his son was healthy but didn’t even say that “mother and baby are fine.”

Since news of Briana’s pregnancy broke, there have been plenty of rumors but Tomlinson and Jungwirth have not been seen together since those few sketchy photographs last spring.

It would seem that any “relationship” between Louis and Briana was the briefest of affairs, perhaps even a one -night-stand. The lack of any meaningful relationship may account for Louis’ not wishing to discuss the matter publicly. Clearly Briana’s pregnancy was unplanned, at least on Louis’ part and no matter how generous the 24-year-old star is he will not want to be seen as a meal ticket for Briana’s family.

It has been widely reported that some within Briana’s family want to see Louis pay around $58,000 a month in child support. That adds up to a whopping $12.5 million over 18 years. The Mirror is now reporting that Tomlinson expects to pay a very generous $10,000 a month. Lets not forget that both parents have the responsibility to support their child; it is not Tomlinson’s responsibility alone.

Tomlinson has already shown that he intends to ensure that his son is properly provided for. Louis has rented a home for Briana and the baby and paid her an allowance throughout her pregnancy.

According to the Daily Mail Louis has been visiting Briana and his baby every day. Louis has reportedly rented a home nearby to Briana so that he can be involved with the baby as much as possible. It is not yet known whether Tomlinson has asked for a paternity test to be carried out or indeed whether one has already been done.

Many of Tomlinson’s fans are baffled by the way this entire matter has been handled. Remember Tomlinson and his bandmates have all the weight of a management team, a PR team and Simon Cowell’s SyCo behind them and yet not a single official press statement has been made about baby Tomlinson. “Bizarre” does not even begin to describe how the affair has been handled.

Despite the media assertions Briana Jungwirth may be many things, including the mother of Louis Tomlinson’s child, but Tomlinson’s “former flame” she most certainly is not.

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]