University Of Arkansas Sex Tape: Controversial Video Allegedly Shows Professor Having Sex With Student In Classroom, But School Officials Deny Claims

A sex tape allegedly showing a University of Arkansas professor and a student in a compromising position has made the rounds online, but the video may not be what it seems to be.

Early this week, several websites reported on a video claiming to show a popular professor and a student having sex inside of a classroom. Word reportedly also circulated around the campus in Fayetteville, but there was no confirmation on whether the University of Arkansas sex tape was legitimate.

It turns out that the story may (mostly) be false. While there is allegedly a video showing two people having sex on the campus of the University of Arkansas, and possibly even inside a classroom, the professor named in the reports may not be part of it.

The Arkansas Traveler posted an update on Tuesday citing school officials who denied that the video, which was by that point making the rounds on Twitter, showed a University of Arkansas professor having sex with a student.

The report was picked up by the college blog, COED.

"After receiving a still shot of the video, officials confirmed the person in the video is not the former professor [whose name is not being shared], said Anna Zajicek-Wagemann, the UA chair of the sociology and criminal justice department.

"[The professor] left his job at the criminal justice department voluntarily to pursue a career at a police department in another state and was on good terms with the university at the time, said Steve Voorhies, the manager of media relations for University Relations.

"[The professor in question] left the UofA in the summer of 2014, Voorhies said."

The report noted that there were rumors that the professor may have been fired recently, possibly in response to the video. But Voorhies again denied those claims.

"We don't know where these claims are coming from," Voorhies said. "The sex video is of somebody, but not a former faculty member, that we know of."

The University of Arkansas sex tape scandal comes a few months after another college hit the internet. Back in October, a video circulated claiming to show pledges at the University of Alabama's Alpha Tau Omega fraternity forced to perform oral sex on a stripper while dozens of half-naked frat brothers cheered him on.

Though fraternity officials later clarified that no one was coerced, the national Alpha Tau Omega organization revoked the Indiana University chapter's charter within 24 hours of the video hitting the internet, the Associated Press reported.

"The video is highly offensive and is antithetical to the values of Alpha Tau Omega," said Wynn Smiley, national chief executive officer for Alpha Tau Omega.

IndyStar reported that some students were happy to see the fraternity shut down, saying it had a long reputation for bad behavior on campus.

" 'About time. See ya guys' one student shouted from a passing vehicle on Third Street. Another honked a car horn in excitement and waved to frat members gathered on the front porch.

"Among the students witnessing the scrubbing of Alpha Tau Omega from the IU-Bloomington campus was Jordan Haas, a junior from Southern Indiana who clenched his jaw and shook his head as he thought of the fraternity's recent troubles.

" 'It's just so out of control and awful,' Haas said. 'But I'm not surprised.' "

The identity of the people seen in the University of Arkansas sex tape has not been determined, and reports have not said if it did happen inside a classroom or in some other location.

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