Peyton Manning Set To Retire After Leading The Broncos To Super Bowl 50?

Peyton Manning is looking to retire from football after taking the Denver Broncos to Super Bowl 50? It is likely the case if you believe the reports coming out in the wake of the Broncos’ championship clash with the Carolina Panthers. The news of the Peyton Manning’s possible retirement will put an additional wrinkle in Super Bowl 50, which already has a fair share of intriguing storylines.

Bleacher Report has implicated that cameras of NFL Films’ were able to capture the audio between Manning and New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

“Hey, listen, this might be my last rodeo. So, it sure has been a pleasure,” Peyton Manning told Bill Belichick.

Those were the words captured as the future Hall of Fame quarterback was having a candid moment with a future Hall of Fame coach. Peyton Manning’s conversation with Bill Belichick at the end of the AFC Championship game will undoubtedly be revisited several times leading up to Super Bowl 50. Now, fans must come to the realization that they may have but one more game to enjoy Peyton Manning, the player.

If Manning decides to hang up his cleats, regardless if the Denver Broncos win or lose the Super Bowl, he will go down as perhaps the greatest regular season quarterback of all-time. If the Broncos win Super Bowl 50, he will regain his position in the conversation for greatest passer ever.

This is Peyton Manning’s fourth trip to the Super Bowl. It is his second time helping the Denver Broncos get to the big game. His last Super Bowl appearance was in 2013. That ended in a blowout loss to the Seattle Seahawks. The other two Super Bowl starts came when Manning was quarterbacking the Indianapolis Colts. His lone win came against the Chicago Bears in the 2009 NFL playoffs.

Peyton Manning talks with Denver Broncos' head coach Gary Kubiak. (Photo by Christian Peterson/Getty Images)

Many of the NFL records have Peyton Manning’s name attached to them. He holds the record for most career touchdowns thrown (539 touchdowns) in the regular season, most passing yards in a season with 5,477, along with a host of others. Most of the accolades that Manning received came when he was either in the beginning stages or in the prime of his career.

Part of the reason why there is a buzz of retirement talk coming from Peyton Manning is that his play from this season paled in comparison to years prior. Manning struggled mightily this season. His nine touchdowns and 17 interceptions forced the Broncos to consider benching him before a torn plantar fascia (courtesy of Yahoo Sports) had Manning on the bench in the third quarter in Week 10. Manning had only completed 5-20 passes for 35 yards versus the Kansas City Chiefs. The torn plantar fascia sidelined him for several games during the season. The Broncos wound up relying on backup Brock Osweiler to keep them afloat, and to give them a spark on offense.

Osweiler ended up the starting quarterback for the rest of the season, until his own ineffectiveness in the first half of Week 17 led to Peyton Manning coming to the rescue.

Throwing out this season, Peyton Manning is a great player. Watching the struggles this year with the Denver Broncos may suggest that it is time for his career to come to an end, with the final act coming at Super Bowl 50.

Fans have watched him over the years, and regardless if he is loved or hated, Peyton Manning will always be respected and deserving of praise. In Indianapolis, he was unceremoniously dumped in favor of then-rookie signal-caller Andrew Luck. Manning would eventually land with the Denver Broncos, whom he has taken to the NFL playoffs in each of his four seasons.

Did Peyton Manning enter Mile High Stadium for the last time as an active player? (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, since there are 25 pending free agents currently on the roster, including linebacker Von Miller, the Broncos will have some tough decisions to make. One of those choices was whether or not they should part ways with the aging Peyton Manning, who is due to earn $19 million next season.

Unlike in Indianapolis, Peyton Manning can control his destiny by leaving on his terms. Retirement is what would be best for him at this time. He can always be around the game, with his knowledge and personality coaching or broadcasting would not be out of the question, but his playing days should be over.

Peyton Manning’s possible retirement helps the Denver Broncos, as well. His departure would help the team decide on which players to bring back, and which players to pursue.

Lastly, Peyton Manning’s thoughts on walking away from the NFL helps the league. Super Bowl 50 is an ideal place to celebrate the career of an all-time great quarterback, while passing the torch to his likely successor in Carolina’s Cam Newton. The storylines could not be more tantalizing.

[Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images]