‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Still Pretending Jon Snow Is Dead

Game of Thrones is a wildly popular show and the Season 6 premiere inches closer to eagerly awaiting fans every day. Mirror reports that now HBO has released new teaser promos for the Season 6 premiere, just something else to get fans excited. These teasers indicate that each house is dealing with its own struggles.

What do these Game of Thrones teasers reveal? Huffington Post reports on a number of pieces of information that can be gleaned from them. For one, Dany has been taken prisoner by the Dothraki, which was also revealed from a script that was leaked last fall. There is a voice in the teaser that states Dany is nothing.

“You are nobody. The millionth of your name. Queen of nothing.”

There is also a hint that Ramsay might have some sort of confrontation with Jon Snow, who is presumably resurrected in some way. However, when Ramsay says, “Winterfell is mine,” it is not certain who he is speaking to and some fans think it might be Roose Bolton. However, the Stark Banner is flying, so it’s more likely he is speaking to a Stark.

In the final teaser it appears that the Sparrows might become more of a threat. Previously, Jonathan Price said his character, High Sparrow, is a game changer so it will be interesting to see how he fits into season 6.

Of course, aside from the struggles of the houses, there is the issue of Jon Snow’s return in Game of Thrones Season 6. According to iDigitalTimes, HBO isn’t even trying to hide the fact that Snow has a significant part to play in Season 6. When he died at the end of Season 5, viewers followed in the footsteps of their book counterparts in wondering if Snow was really dead, and if he wasn’t, how he would return.

It is such a great secret, but apparently HBO isn’t very good at keeping it. They have splattered the image of Jon Snow all over their marketing material, although to be fair, they have not yet said in what capacity Snow will have an effect on Game of Thrones Season 6.

However, Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, spoke with Digital Spy and he confirmed Snow is indeed dead.

“People didn’t want me to die, but he’s dead. So there you go, everyone has to get used to it.”

Harington also said he hasn’t even filmed the show in a while and has been enjoying a nice break.

“I haven’t done Thrones in a while. I had quite a lot of time off last year. I’ve been taking it easy. And relaxing. When I realised I was doing this, I had a few months to prepare for it, and something like this takes some working through before even getting into the rehearsal room.”

As for how Harington has dealt with all the rumors about Snow’s death on Game of Thrones, he said he went undercover.

“I’ve just hit the ground, and gone undercover. I’ve tried to do absolutely no press for anything. It’s brilliant, the fact that people care about this TV show and what happens to the people they love or hate in it, is a special thing. I’ve got nothing to complain about, put it that way. If they care about it and I get asked about it a lot, it means that people hold it dear to their hearts and it’s doing what it meant to.”

Meanwhile, Maisie Williams dropped a Jon Snow bombshell just a few days ago.

In the end, there is just a whole lot of confusion about the true fate of Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. The only way fans will know for sure is to watch the season 6 premiere on April 24.

[Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images]