Kaley Cuoco Met Cast Of ‘Friends’: Says She ‘Died And Went To Heaven’

Kaley Cuoco had a roller coaster of a year in 2015, particularly due to her split from her husband, Ryan Sweeting. Entertainment Tonight reports that Kaley’s sister, Briana Cuoco, has said Kaley is doing just fine.

“She’s good. She’s so happy.”

Apparently, Briana has her own idea of the kind of guy Kaley Cuoco should hook up with in the future.

“She has a really great sense of humor so someone who makes her laugh and makes her feel comfortable and confident in what she’s made for herself in her life.”

Briana also revealed that she and Kaley Cuoco are currently completely obsessed with The Bachelor, which is how they are getting their fix for romance at the moment.

“All we’re doing, really, is watching The Bachelor. It’s consuming our lives. I would never want to be a contestant, I would just want to be the Bachelorette. But I think that’s harder. Being the one person, with so many men, it would make me sad. I feel like it’s really difficult to do that. I don’t want to hurt anybody!”

Interestingly, Kaley Cuoco’s sister didn’t say anything about a new and very real romance in Cuoco’s life. But Us Weekly reports that Kaley Cuoco is now dating Paul Blackthorne, who stars in Arrow. Even though Cuoco isn’t talking about her new relationship, a source reveals that the two are really hitting it off.

“She’s been friends with Paul for years, but it’s recently turned romantic. He is so handsome! She seems smitten. I think she’s a little cautious, but she seems really happy. They were longtime friends so there was already something there and they are seeing where it goes. He’s a nice guy.”

Kaley Cuoco is making other changes in her life, or at least when it comes to her home. Perhaps in anticipation of having more guests stay over in the near future or simply because she needed a change, InStyle reports Cuoco totally redid her guest bedroom. As for the style Kaley Cuoco was going for in the new décor, she elaborated.

“My vision was, ‘Jeff, please take over, you know what I like.'”

Jeff Andrews did the remake of the guest room, and despite having a number of celebrity clients, he said Kaley Cuoco is his dream client.

“We have a similar sense of style. Kaley’s personality is all about love. She is the most loving, appreciative, special person.”

With metallic wallpaper and subtle, earthy tones, the room is chic and classy. Kaley Cuoco says she loves it, and why wouldn’t she?

“I love my new bedroom. It’s so chic and cool yet super comfy and inviting.”

Maybe Kaley Cuoco’s dad has enjoyed the new guest room recently. People reports that she spent some time with dear old dad last week, taking in a Lakers game with him. They looked so happy to be spending time together and so relaxed.

And Kaley Cuoco has also been getting her Friends on. People reports that at a special tribute to James Burrows, the cast of Big Bang Theory got to meet up with the reunited cast of Friends (well, most of them – click here for perhaps the real reason why Matthew Perry couldn’t make it). A great photo of the two casts was snapped and Cuoco wasted no time posting it to Instagram.

“Ummmm NIGHT MADE. Can’t breathe #friends meets #bbt @bigbangtheory_cbs I died and went to heaven.”

It appears that even for a big star like Kaley Cuoco, meeting the cast of Friends is a big deal. But there will be people and celebrities that will feel the same way about meeting the cast of Big Bang Theory, even 15 years down the road.

[Photo by Alison Buck/Getty Images]