Kyle Richards Admits She Was ‘Stammering’ Faye Resnick’s Introduction To Kathryn Edwards, Kathryn Says She Chose Not To ‘Knock Her Down To Size’

Kyle Richards was clearly nervous to introduce her friend Faye Resnick to her newest The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Kathryn Edwards. On Monday night, as the latest episode aired, Kyle tweeted that she “was stammering” their introductions.

Kyle’s admission was in response to a blog site’s tweet that Faye’s introduction to Kathryn was the most awkward one ever. Kyle added the nervous emoji to her answer.

Kyle’s tweet received a barrage of criticism. People told her that she knew exactly what she was doing when she had both Kathryn and Faye attend her BBQ. One person tweeted that Kyle always sets it up so that trouble starts and then acts shocked when it does. Another tweeted that Kyle sold out her friend. Several people also pointed out that Kyle not only had both Kathryn and Faye at the dinner but also sat them right across from one another.

Kathryn Edwards used to be married to Marcus Allen, who was good friends with O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson. As Kathryn explained in an interview that was shown on last week’s episode, she had hostile feelings towards Faye Resnick because Faye, who was friends with Nicole, wrote in her book, Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, that she was a “turn the blind eye, look the other way” kind of wife. Faye alleged in her book that Marcus had an affair with O.J. and that Kathryn didn’t object.

Kyle Richards, upon learning that Kathryn used to be married to Marcus, immediately asked her if she knew Faye. Kathryn denied that she ever met Faye, despite what Faye may claim.

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kathryn Edwards came face-to-face with Faye Resnick at Kyle’s BBQ dinner. When Faye and Kyle went up to use the restroom, Kathryn let loose after Lisa Rinna asked her what’s going on with her and Faye. Kathryn made clear that she does not like how Faye brought her into the O.J. saga and claimed to know what kind of person she was. Kathryn also made clear that she feels as if Faye, who in addition to writing the tell-all book posed for Playboy, capitalized on a tragic murder just to get her five minutes of fame.

Once Faye and Kyle returned, Kathryn immediately addressed “the elephant in the room” with Faye.

“Way back then, when all that s**t was going on, the way I was brought into it, I associated that with you. My name was never mentioned in anything until you brought my name up. You wrote about something, that I was some ‘turn the cheek kinda wife’ and you’ve never met me, you didn’t know me, and I’m so not that…”

Faye Resnick smiled and listened as Kathryn Edwards spoke. Faye then basically shut the conversation down and issued a general apology for anything offensive she may have done.

“I have nothing to say to anyone about what happened 20-something years ago. I mean that was a very hard time and you know, it’s sad. Not really much to discuss at this point is there? You know something, I really don’t want to have a bunch of conversations about this. That’s a really uncomfortable time in all of our lives and I think that’s something that should be discussed in private. If I’ve done anything to offend anyone, I’m sorry. I really am.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Faye tweeted last week that she’s upset that Bravo would use her friend’s murder as fodder for a story line.

Kyle Richards spoke up for her friend. She told everyone what an amazing friend Faye is. Faye thanked Kyle for her compliment. Faye then told Kathryn that she looked beautiful. Kathryn thanked Faye.

In her blog post, Kathryn Edwards explained that while she didn’t actually read Faye Resnick’s book, she saw excerpts of it splashed on the cover of National Enquirer at the grocery store checkout lines. Kathryn also said that she chose not to tear into Faye.

“Faye has a sordid past. I read her Wikipedia page (she should pay someone to clean that up), and she doesn’t look like the face of truth and virtue. It would have been easy to touch on a few things to knock her down to size, but I am a lady, and engaging at Kyle’s with such an intense subject would have ruined the dinner party–I mean the BBQ. Faye’s blanket apology to the table was general, but she doesn’t know me to say more than that. All I wanted to see and hear was that she was sorry for what she had done, not just to me but to Nicole’s memory. Desperate people do desperate things.”

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