'General Hospital' Spoilers: Ryan Goes After Griffin, But Dr. Munro Gets A Reprieve For Now

As viewers had expected, Friday's episode of General Hospital was a fairly juicy one. Not only did everybody get to learn a bit more about Shiloh, but there were also developments connected to Ryan's continuing reign of terror. Friday's show ended with a cliffhanger, but some spoilers are available that suggest Ryan will have to take a step back from his latest plan for the moment.

Warning! Do not continue reading if you have not watched Friday's show, spoilers ahead!

General Hospital spoilers had hinted that as a result of Ava and Griffin's embrace, Ryan might lose his cool and add Dr. Munro to his list of victims. As Ryan was putting that plan together, Franco was brought to General Hospital to get an MRI of his brain and Ava had a meaningful talk with him.

Ava has been understandably furious over the loss of Kiki and to hear that "Kevin" and the investigation were focusing on Franco nearly sent her over the edge. Once Ava and Franco were able to talk, however, Ava acknowledged that she knew Franco could never have harmed Kiki, regardless of what he'd done in his past.

Franco is still facing a difficult path forward in proving his innocence, but Scott and Elizabeth are determined to stand by him. What may soon provide help to prove Franco's innocence is Ryan's deteriorating mental health and grip on what's left of his reason and sanity.

As Friday's show ended, Ryan had Griffin up on the rooftop and pulled out a syringe. He probably was thinking that he could immobilize Munro and then perhaps toss him off the rooftop and Griffin wouldn't see it coming.

Luckily, it looks like Griffin will be spared for now. While General Hospital spoilers don't reveal exactly what comes next, previews for Monday show both Griffin and Ryan in other settings. It may be that Munro turns around and unknowingly interrupts this plan, the two men may get interrupted, or Ryan may realize that he can't pin this on Franco if he follows through at this exact moment.

Griffin may be safe to live another day for now, but General Hospital spoilers hint that Ryan may come back to this not too far down the road. Based on the teasers available via She Knows Soaps, Ryan may not be exposed until late February, if not even later than that.

It's not known yet whether rumors of Griffin's demise are accurate or not, but it looks like Jordan, Franco, Ava, Laura, and Kevin will all play a role in uncovering the truth about Ryan. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers about what comes next with this wild storyline to see whether Ryan will continue to try to take down Griffin or if he'll move on to other tasks.