January 26, 2016
Is Eddie Lacy Hiring P90X Creator Tony Horton As A Personal Trainer?

Will NFL player Eddie Lacy hire P90X creator Tony Horton to become his personal trainer?

According to TMZ Sports, the Green Bay Packers running back is reportedly in talks with Tony Horton to do just that.

The report states that Eddie Lacy's people have reached out to the fitness guru after he offered to help Eddie get back in shape. Can Horton pull off such a daunting task in the first place? According to Tony, he has already developed a game plan that would help Eddie get in the best shape of his life during the NFL off-season this year.

By working alongside Tony Horton and following his game plan, Eddie Lacy will more than likely lose the extra pounds that could potentially bring his playing career in the NFL to a stop.

Eddie Lacy
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Tony claims that his plan will help Eddie get his body back in shape before the Green Bay Packers begin their 2016-17 season.

The report states that Tony's plan is built on a three-month boot camp training style that will help Eddie Lacy to get in top form as he sheds those extra pounds and improves the quality of his eating habits.

However, he told TMZ that he does not want to conflict with the training that the team will use to get Eddie Lacy ready to play.

"The Packers will get him ready for the season. My job will be to get the weight off and help him eat better."
TMZ confirmed that Eddie Lacy's people "have touched base" with Tony Horton "in hopes of working something out." As of right now, though, the two sides have not finalized an agreement to move forward with the training.

Eddie Lacy
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If Eddie decides to go with Tony Horton as his trainer, he could very well end up following in the footsteps of former NFL champion QB Troy Aikman. In an interview with TMZ, Aikman confirmed that he used P90X and enjoyed great results from sticking to the popular fitness program.

What sparked the reported conversation between Eddie Lacy's people and Tony Horton? Where did it all start?

Perhaps the ultimatum that Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy offered the professional athlete to get in shape did the trick. According to NBC Sports, McCarthy said that the overweight player needs to lose weight during the off-season if he plans to keep playing for the Green Bay Packers when the new season comes around.

"Eddie's got a lot of work to do. I'm stating the obvious. His offseason last year was not what it should be and he never recovered from it. He cannot play at the weight he did this year."
Observing his recent performance on the field would give any Green Bay Packers fan or critic hopes for the future of Eddie Lacy on the team. Keep in mind that he achieved a career-long 61-yard run in the team's loss to the Arizona Cardinals earlier this month, according to SB Nation.However, his overall season was filled with major low points, including his career-low numbers of touchdowns, yards, catches, carries, and receiving yards. If Eddie Lacy gets back in shape -- perhaps with the professional expertise of P90X creator Tony Horton -- perhaps his future with the Green Bay Packers will be bigger and better than his past.

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