Gwen Stefani’s Boyfriend Blake Shelton Buys Her A Horse? Plus, Are They Headed For Marriage?

Gwen Stefani and her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, are getting serious — but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are having babies and getting married as many reports have claimed. Instead, it simply implies that the new couple is having a good time getting to know one another and spending tons of time with each other both in Shelton’s hometown in Oklahoma, and in Anaheim, California, where Gwen Stefani’s family resides.

As the duo, who starred for two seasons together on The Voice, continue their love affair, Gwen Stefani hinted that she’s being spoiled by the country singer in a recent Instagram post, in which she revealed the “best present ever,” a horse named “Halo.” On January 24, E! News reported details of Gwen Stefani’s social media update, claiming that many believed the gift was given to Gwen Stefani by Shelton. However, up until this point, neither Gwen Stefani, nor Shelton, has confirmed such news.

Gwen Stefani Gets New Horse, But Can You Ever Truly Own A Horse?

— StarWipe (@StarWipe) January 25, 2016

Gwen Stefani began dating Shelton in the fall of last year, just months after she and her husband of 13 years, Gavin Rossdale, parted ways. Shelton also was newly single at the time, having parted ways with former wife Miranda Lambert in July of last year.

“[Gwen Stefani] and Blake are steaming up,” a source told E! News last month. “They have been having some great times with each other the past few months and are on the same page of life now. Blake is extremely supportive of [Gwen Steani] and her kids’ transition. Blake is really great with kids and loves being around children. He has a lot of patience.”

The couple “spend a lot of time together” and are “getting more serious,” the source added.

Around the time of the report, Gwen Stefani and Shelton flew to Nashville to attend the engagement party of singer RaeLynn and Josh Davis, where they “had a blast,” claimed a second source. As fans may recall, it was Nashville where Gwen Stefani and Shelton initially debuted their relationship in early November.

After weeks of rumors, Shelton attended the Country Music Awards in Nashville on November 4, 2015 (his ex-wife was also in attendance), before stepping out with Gwen Stefani at an after party, where the brand new couple was seen holding hands and enjoying drinks with friends.

“They were extremely friendly to everyone at the party and fit in just great,” the other source told E! News of Gwen Stefani and Shelton’s appearance at RaeLynn’s engagement celebration. “They acted normally and were very down-to-earth, regular people. Both of them together were the life of the party. They didn’t show too much PDA, but you can tell they were a couple and very into each other.”

“Blake and [Gwen Stefani] were great. They looked happy. They were having a great time and dressed in spirit. Blake gave a nice little toast to Raelynn and congratulated his close friend…what a friend would do for another friend.”

During the ninth season of The Voice, Gwen Stefani didn’t hold back when it came to their PDA, and towards the end of the season, they became more and more comfortable flirting on-camera. Meanwhile, with the season coming to a close in December, Shelton began campaigning for a fifth coaching spot for Gwen Stefani (she will return only as a mentor).

As for the ongoing rumors regarding Gwen Stefani’s wedding plans, a source told Gossip Cop she and Shelton are not yet planning to get married.

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