Taco Bell And Old Spice Take Joke Filled Jabs At One Another On Twitter

Taking humorous jabs at Taco Bell and then having the fast food giant respond in a funny manner is becoming a new trending tool for company’s looking to use humor as a method for reaching the masses. In fact by calling out Taco Bell for something completely ridiculous you can actually help your company gain some free and fun press if they choose to respond.

You may recall that on April, 20 (4/2o) the Twitter account @MensHumor told Taco Bell “If Taco Bell delivered, they would make so much money today. #420” to which Taco Bell jokingly replied “We’re probably going to make a lot of money today anyway. #Ballin.”

The 4/20 reference was a joke about the national day typically associated with smoking copious amounts of marijuana because of the “drug possession” code used by police which happens to be a “420” offense.

Now Old Spice has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon with a Taco bell joke of its own. This time Old Spice had a silly question involving the fast food chains use of the word “fire” in its special “fire sauce.”

One of the best parts about Taco Bell being attacked by other company’s is the simple fact that they not only respond with funny comebacks, they do it in a really quick fashion.

Here is the message Old Spice sent to Taco Bell and the fast food chains quick-witted response:

Now here is Taco Bell’s response:

Are you impressed with Taco Bell’s Twitter responses?