Have Your Meat And Eat It Too: First Vegan 'Butcher' Shop Opens In Minneapolis

Manasi Gandhi

The first vegan "butcher" shop opened in Minneapolis over the weekend, with much fanfare and long queues of food enthusiasts lining up to taste the new flavors.

The "Herbivorous Butcher" in northeast Minneapolis crafts and sells vegan faux meats, flavored to taste like Italian sausage, kielbasa and porterhouse steaks. It also offers many different vegan cheeses.

"It's more than we could ever expect or wish for."
"We make meat-free meats and cheese-free cheeses, and we call it that for a reason because it's not just a meat alternative."

"It starts with a serious craving and ends with a product."

"We started (the Herbivorous Butcher) because we were getting hungry all the time and the stuff on the market wasn't doing anything. We're still hungry, still making food we want to eat."

"The Kickstarter was the first time we got that validation from people other than our regular customers. It was crazy getting all these people from all around the country and around the world. That's when I think the both of us knew we can actually do this."

"Jeremy Messersmith agreed to come to our grand opening and play a few songs — if we could make him a particular French cheese that's got black mold all over it. It's not that intense most of the time, but that's kind of how it goes."
"Having a big old piece of meat that sticks to your ribs or cutting up a roast with your family or slicing up a piece of turkey for Thanksgiving — it's just kind of a habit."
"The reason why we do this is so that it's not difficult for omnivores. They don't have to be like, 'Oh I'm just going to eat beans and rice for the rest of my life.' You can still eat steak; all you gotta do is sub it out,' "

"It's arguably better than the (animal products) because during the process we can infuse so much flavor into every molecule and protein itself. You just can't do that with a cow."

The Herbivorous Butcher is located at 507 1st Avenue NE in northeast Minneapolis.

[Image via The Herbivorous Butcher]