Matias Testi Photos: Instagram, Twitter Pictures Of Testi — Why Did Blake Griffin Punch Matias And Where’s The Video?

Matias Testi received birthday wishes from Blake Griffin on his Instagram page — at least 137 weeks ago. In the Instagram photo of Matias on Blake’s Instagram page, Griffin teases Testi about appearing on a plane with a blanket wrapped around him. The “blakegriffin32” Instagram account teased Testi and asked Matias to put clothes on. The Matias Testi Instagram account to which Blake refers is private as of this writing. It was an image that moved Matias so much that Testi re-tweeted the Instagram photo from Blake on Matias’ Twitter page, Testi’s most recent Twitter activity from June 10, 2013.

matias [Image via Instagram/BlakeGriffin32]According to USA Today, Testi was the same man that Griffin punched so hard that Blake broke his hand punching Matias. Testi is the Los Angeles Clippers equipment manager, but there’s no reason listed as to why Matias and Blake argued to the point of fighting. Griffin could miss four to six weeks due to breaking his right hand after punching Matias at a Toronto restaurant. Blake was already recovering from torn quads.

Testi left the eatery, said Michael Eaves of ESPN, after the first punch from Blake, but Testi was followed outside by Griffin, who rained down more blows on Matias. As a result, Testi’s face was injured. Matias has worked for the Clippers since 2014, and the team released a statement about the melee.

Matias has plenty of photos of himself with various basketball players, including Blake, as seen in the following photos of Matias’ Twitter page. Testi’s Twitter page isn’t private, although Testi appears to have deleted some of the Instagram posts that are linked to from Matias’ Twitter page. One photo below shows Testi with Blake at the Great Wall of China.

Matias photos [Image via Twitter/Matias Testi]Matias photos [Image via Twitter/Matias Testi]Matias photos [Image via Twitter/Matias Testi]Matias photos [Image via Twitter/Matias Testi]Matias photos [Image via Twitter/Matias Testi]Matias photos [Image via Twitter/Matias Testi]With all the photos of Testi now floating around since news broke that Matias is the one whom Blake punched, as reported by Heavy, folks can’t help but wonder where the video evidence of Griffin punching Matias resides. With everyone having a smartphone and Blake being a very tall and recognizable guy in a city like Toronto, surely security footage or cell phone footage of the video of Matias and Blake’s altercation must exist.

A search for “Blake Griffin Matias Testi video” on Google video only turns up news reports about the incident thus far.

On YouTube, a search for Blake and Matias’ fight turns up nil as of this writing.

The statement from the Los Angeles Clippers admitted that Blake’s behavior against Matias has no place in the team.

“L.A. Clippers forward Blake Griffin suffered a spital fracture of the fourth metacarpal in his right hand throwing a punch on Jan. 23 in Toronto.

“This conduct has no place in our organization and this incident does not represent who we are as a team. We are conducting a full investigation with assistance from the NBA. At the conclusion of the investigation, appropriate action will be taken.

“Griffin received X-rays on Jan 25th in Los Angeles that revealed the injury and he underwent a procedure on his hand Tuesday morning. The procedure was preformed by Dr. Steve Shin. Recovery time from the injury is approximately four to six weeks.”

Griffin and Matias’ melee resulted in both Blake and Testi returning to Los Angeles after the fight. Coach Doc Rivers said that more will be revealed about the event that has caused plenty of people to turn online, looking for photos of Matias — since they’ve seen plenty of photos of Blake. In comparing Griffin and Testi, photos reveal that Matias is a much shorter man than Blake.

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