Celebrities Who Have Died In 2016: Abe Vigoda Shockingly Adds To Huge List

Danny Cox

2016 has truly been a year that has already brought forth a lot of tragedy and sadness in the celebrity world. Each year, there are always a number of celebrity deaths that sadden just about everyone and some years, there are more than others. So far, 2016 has already had more than its share and January isn't even over year. Celebrity deaths seem to be coming every single day and on Tuesday, it was time for a man to go, and everyone thought he was immortal, but Abe Vigoda sadly wasn't.

Vigoda was a legendary character actor whose big smile and sad eyes have made him perfect for bit parts and big time roles for decades. ABC News reported that the actor from The Godfather and Barney Miller passed away at the age of 94.

Carol Vigoda Fuchs, Abe's daughter, said that he was "never sick" and the cause of death was simply natural causes and old age.

Many have considered and joked that Abe Vigoda was immortal because many always wondered if he was even still alive. Numerous times, he has fallen victim to the celebrity death hoax that has also hit James Earl Jones, Willie Nelson, Betty White, and even Jake from State Farm.

Sadly, Vigoda is one of just numerous celebrities who have passed away in 2016.

The world simply didn't know what to do with itself during that week as the two were legends in the entertainment industry. Still, there have been so many more in January already and the month isn't even four weeks old yet.

Four days after Rickman's death, Glenn Frey, a founding member of The Eagles, passed away at the age of 67, according to TMZ. His passing rocked the world in so many ways and numerous musicians were really torn up about it. Keith Urban even did a cover of "Take It Easy" by The Eagles in tribute to Frey.

Frey's cause of death was complications from acute ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and pneumonia.

Those deaths alone may seem like more than enough for a year, but that was just in the span of about eight days. The sad part is that there are so many more celebrity deaths that have already come about in 2016, and people are hopping on social media everywhere to proclaim they are done with this year.

Here are some more of the notable celebrity deaths that have happened in 2016 so far:

January 26

2016 is arguably one of the worst years for celebrity deaths ever, and there is still around a week left in January. Many want 2016 to just stop and be over with already in the whole celebrities passing away news, but Abe Vigoda may have made everyone even more fearful as they truly thought he'd never go.

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