'Dancing With The Stars' 2016 Season 22 Casting Rumors Go Wild: Who Is Joining The Show?

It is not quite time for Dancing With the Stars Season 22 yet, but rumors are going wild about who will end up being on the show. Christian Post shared the news that the rumors are flying about who could end up being on the next season of Dancing With the Stars and fans are going wild at these assumptions. If what they have to say, some big names could be dancing next season.

One name being thrown around is Italia Ricci, who played April Carver in ABC Family's Chasing Life. Now that her show has been canceled, Italia should have time to do Dancing With the Stars. She also has a big fan base who were not very happy to hear that her show was not coming back for another season, so of course Italia's fans would love to see her dancing.

The winner last season on Dancing With the Stars was Bindi Irwin. The entire time, her little brother, Robert, was watching his sister and paying attention. He has admitted that he would love to do the show and it has been revealed that he has been in contact with the show. Robert is only 11-years-old though. Willow Shields was only 14 when she was on Dancing With the Stars, and at that time, she was the youngest one on the show. It might just be too soon for them to bring Robert Irwin on the show.

When it comes to The Bachelor, a couple of names are being thrown around for Dancing With the Stars. Ben Higgins has already shared that you never know what might happen and has said he is ready for anything. Ben could go right on Dancing With the Stars as soon as his season is over. Kaitlyn Bristowe also has admitted that she is interested in the show. Kaitlyn shared that she didn't want to do it right after her season, but now that she has had the time to work on her relationship with Shawn Booth and they are doing great, it would be the perfect time for Kaitlyn to put on her dancing shoes.
Youth Health also shared a few names being thrown around for Dancing With the Stars Season 22. New York Giants' runningback Rashad Jennings is one name that has been thrown out there. He did admit to being in contact with the people at Dancing With the Stars about possibly doing the show, but never confirmed if he would be dancing or not. Now there are a few more names being thrown around not listed as well.
There are also rumors that Derek Hough won't be dancing again, but this happens pretty much every season of Dancing With the Stars. Also, Len Goodman has been confirmed as coming back on the show once again, which should have him back as the fourth judge for this season. There is no word for sure on who all will be back as pros next season.

What do you think of the rumors of who could join Dancing With the Stars for Season 22? Who do you think would be great to put on their dancing shoes next season? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don't miss the new season of Dancing With the Stars when it starts on ABC on March. It will start right after the current season of The Bachelor is done airing and Ben Higgins picks his girl.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]