Truckload Of Bull Semen Stolen From California Farmer

A whole truckload of bull semen is missing, and now authorities are looking for the thief (or thieves) that took it. Crimesider reports that an estimated $50,000 worth of the stuff was taken on Sunday night from a truck in Turlock, California. The details surrounding this case are the makings of one truly bizarre story.

Authorities say that approximately 3,500 units of bull semen were stolen from Anthony Reis, who had spent several months collecting it from his bulls. The sperm, which amounts to a value of nearly $50,000, was enough to be used to impregnate at least 1,000 female cattle. In other words, this was an incredibly specific thing to steal, especially in such a large quantity. Reis says that some of the sperm was taken from “the fifth most prized bull in the world.”

CBS News 13 reports that bull semen is highly sought after, and valuable, because it is used to inseminate approximately 75 percent of cattle in the United States. The farmer believes that the thieves responsible for this loss don’t realize what they took. He says they also stole gas out of his truck. He’s expressed in media reports that collecting bull semen is his livelihood.

“To have someone just come and take your livelihood is very frustrating.”

Believe it or not, this is not the first time bull semen has been stolen in a case that made media headlines. Last year, thieves in Leroy, Minnesota, made off with approximately $70,000 worth of the animal sperm from a farm. The stuff is so expensive because of how it is obtained, which is by tricking a bull into mating with an artificial “steer vagina,” so that farmers can extract the semen. In other words, this is not the most glamorous way to make a living, making it all the more disappointing when someone steals a whole truckload of the stuff.

Heyyyyy… Turlock made the news for, of all things, frozen bull semen being stolen. Now I’ve been bored, and out of wine, but I’ve never said to a friend, “Hey Bubba, let’s steal some bull semen.”

Posted by Fred Myetich on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Social media has been attracted to this bizarre case, producing a multitude of comments — some of which are expectedly NSFW. Others are expressing shock that such a thing is target of being stolen, and more shock that there is such a lucrative market for the stuff.

Authorities in Turlock, California, don’t currently have any suspects associated with the theft of the farmer’s bull semen. However, it’s probably a good idea to contact them if you have sighted any, or know of anyone in the area that’s suddenly — mysteriously — come into a large amount of cow sperm.

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