Blake Griffin Injury Update: Los Angeles Clippers Star Broke Hand After Hitting Member Of The Equipment Staff

Just when the Los Angeles Clippers were about to get Blake Griffin back, the all-star is back out on injury, and this time, it looks like it’s all his fault. Reports began to circulate on Tuesday morning about Blake’s mysterious hand injury being the reason he still will not play with the Clippers. It turns out that Griffin only has himself to blame, possibly fracturing his hand after hitting a member of the Clipper’s equipment staff, according to ESPN.

According to the ESPN report, multiple sources disclosed to Michael Eaves that Blake Griffin injured himself after getting into a fight with someone on the Clipper’s equipment staff. Both the staffer and Griffin were sent home after the incident. The fight between Griffin and the Clipper’s staffer reportedly took place on Monday night in a Toronto restaurant, according to Rotoworld.

The New York Post claimed that Blake Griffin hit the Clipper’s staffer multiple times in the face. Griffin and the other man started to argue inside the Toronto restaurant, where Griffin reportedly hit him once. Then the already-injured Blake followed the man outside of the restaurant and continued to hit him. The staffer’s injuries were so bad that the he was treated at a local hospital before both men were sent back home for fighting.

The Toronto restaurant fight was initially reported as an “undisclosed team-related incident,” but now we know that Griffin got himself involved in a pretty serious fight with a member of the equipment staff. Griffin has flown back to Los Angeles after the incident and isn’t expected to play for several more weeks. Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, Blake is suspected to have a fracture in his right hand. The unnamed staffer involved in the fight is said to have injuries to his face as well.

Blake Griffin has already missed 15 games after suffering an unrelated quadriceps injury. Griffin was expected to return to the court as early as Tuesday night in the Clippers game against the Indiana Pacers, but that won’t be happening anymore. Instead, Doc Rivers has said he will make a statement about Blake Griffin’s injury and what it means for the team before the Clippers head to the court to face the Indiana Pacers. The Los Angeles Clippers have won 11 of their past 14 games in Blake Griffin’s absence.

Now Blake Griffin is looking at several more weeks of recovery before he can take the court again. Not to mention that Blake probably will be facing disciplinary action for hitting a team staffer and causing injury. Rotoworld is predicting that the Los Angeles Clippers may impose penalties for Griffin’s violent attack, and if they don’t, the NBA probably will. Things are looking bad for the Clipper’s power forward, especially since Griffin has been accused of similar actions just over a year ago in Las Vegas.

It was in March 2015 that Griffin was able to have charges dropped against him for an altercation that took place at the TAO nightclub in Las Vegas. Back in November 2014, Daniel Schuman told police that Griffin slapped him and took his cell phone after the man was accused of taking pictures of the NBA star in the VIP section of the club. Charges were dropped in the Las Vegas case because no one could substantiate Schuman’s claims. Now it’s looking like Griffin may have a really hot temper and has no problem putting his hands on people.

It’s unclear why Blake Griffin was fighting with a staff member from the Los Angeles Clippers over dinner on Monday night. Both Griffin and teammate DeAndre Jordan are both friends with the now-injured staffer. Or at least, they were friends before Griffin allegedly lost his temper and hit the man several times. With some form of team or NBA sanctions already predicted and details of the shocking fight coming out as the day progresses, do you think Blake Griffin will face legal ramifications after the fight?

[Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]