Balboa Navy Hospital Under Siege [Live Stream]

The Navy hospital located in Balboa Park has been dealing with an attack. Around 8:10 a.m., the Balboa hospital released a base-wide alert, warning everyone to “run, hide, or fight.”

The navy hospital posted the alert to its Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) Facebook page a short time ago. When initial reports released, sources weren’t sure if the Balboa navy hospital was under attack or if under intensive drill. However, the hospital confirmed that there was, indeed, an active shooter on the premises. As can be seen in the Fox News San Diego report, first-responders kept other civilians away from the Balboa Navy scene.

This source is also live-streaming the Balboa Navy hospital as events progress. It can be seen in the video below.

Once it was confirmed, the Navy hospital reported that the gunman was in building No. 26. According to NBC San Diego, city police officers said the hospital reported that actual shots were fired on the Balboa campus.

After receiving the news, many people who follow Balboa’s Navy hospital on Facebook began to ask for prayers and leave comments on the post. As expected, several people attempted to de-stress the situation for those who possibly have loved ones in the building. You can read their comments on the Navy hospital’s page.

The location at Balboa reported that all personnel shouldn’t work, if already on the premises. And if not at the hospital, they should stay away from the location.

According to NBC San Diego, one child care staffer told the source that the children’s facility opened around 5:30 a.m., so there were possibly 200 children at the Balboa navy hospital during the time of this gunman event.

While at the navy facility, the same staffer commented as follows.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen this happen. I’m thinking this is something real serious if the SWAT team has to come in. It’s really concerning for me that there’s something going on at the hospital.”

The source also reports that, in the Balboa area, California Highway Patrol were on the scene and assisting in the incident — but definitely aren’t the primary authority in the situation. Around 8:45 a.m., a SWAT truck entered the navy base as well.

Since the Balboa navy incident began, the following facilities have also been placed on lockdown, as a precautionary measure.

  • Navy Base Point Loma
  • Garfield Middle School on Oregon Street
  • San Diego High School on Park Boulevard
  • Roosevelt Middle School on Park Boulevard

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that there have been no injuries on the Balboa Navy base.

To the contrary, NBC San Diego states that Navy Base Coronado and San Diego City College, both nearby facilities, have not been placed on lockdown. As a description of Balboa’s building No. 26 and its surroundings, NBC San Diego reports as follows.

“According to the NMCSD’s website, building 26 — the site of the reported active shooting — is surrounded by several other buildings, including a fitness center. The Liberty Center is also located near building 26, a center that offers recreational activities for all active duty service members and NMCSD ID cardholders, including a cyber café, billiards tables, a music room and a 25-seat movie theater.”

It also states that the Balboa navy hospital’s staff is “comprised of more than 6,500 military, civilian, contractor and volunteer personnel.” The Balboa medical facility is a multi-specialty hospital with 272 beds. The base of operation is approximately 78 acres, “in the southeast corner of Balboa Park, about 2.5 miles from downtown San Diego.”

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