Hunger Games Finale: ‘Mockingjay’ To Be Split Into Two Films

The Lionsgate produced “Hunger Games” trilogy has determined that the finale known as “Mockingjay” will reportedly be split into two separate films. The film company hopes to give their audience more content in addition to cashing in on the book’s wildly popular story, according to MTV.

Following the lead of other successful franchises, “The Hunger Games” will be splitting their final book into a two-part series with the first film set to release November 21st, 2014. Repeating the actions of films such as “Twilight” and “Harry Potter, “Mockingjay” part two will then be released almost exactly one year later on November 20th, 2015.

According to, the film’s producers have also determined that the movie based on Suzanne Collins second book in the series, “Catching Fire,” will have a release date of November 22nd, 2013.

Lionsgate also recently announced that the cast would be joined by Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymor Hoffman. The actor will be portraying the pivotal role of head game maker Plutarch Heavensbee and is a vital character in “Catching Fire” as well as “Mockingjay.”

The first “Hunger Games” film released in March has already earned $400 million domestically and seems to be only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential success of this prosperous trilogy.

What do you think of Lionsgate’s decision to split “The Hunger Games” finale into two separate films? Do you enjoy the anticipation that comes with waiting a year in between movies? Or do you wish that they would just make a single four-hour movie that would contain all of the same content?