Hank Williams Jr. Bashes Obama On His New Album [video]

Country singer Hank Williams Jr. put his Obama angst to music on his new album in the opening song entitled, “Takin’ Back the Country.” The anti-Obama administration tune instructs President Barack Obama to “pack your bags, head to Chicago” and to take his “teleprompter” with him so he will “know where to go,” Politico reports. The “Old School, New Rules” album was slated for release yesterday, according to The Blaze. The legendary country music singer also croons, “You can take the change and stick it out of sight,” in his melodic messaged to President Obama.

During an interview with Fox and Friends last year Williams discussed the round of golf Barack Obama played with John Boehner and compared the outing to Hitler hitting the links with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Not long after the interview, ESPN yanked William’s song from the opening of Monday night football game broadcasts. The comment immediately caused a mound of chatter about the singer’s Obama comparison. Williams addresses that incident on his latest album as well.

“That’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time, cousin,” Williams stated after “laying down” a new song in in 45 minutes, the Boston Globe reports.

The freedom of speech debate which ensued after William’s Hitler reference reportedly reinvigorated the singer who had not released a new album in three years. The 12-song album boasts “guest appearances from Brad Paisley and Merle Haggard. William’s considers himself the winner in the ESPN fuss. Supporters purchased more than 250,000 t-shirt promoting the singer’s right to free speech and the network’s ratings took a drop after the incident, The Boston Globe reports.