Josh Duggar Sex Assault Lawsuit Gets Graphic: Danica Dillon Details Duggar’s Verbal & Physical Assault [Video]

Josh Duggar may have thought that 2015 was the worst year of his life. It was the year where the 19 Kids And Counting reality TV star was outed as having molested several underage girls when he was a teen, four of whom were his sisters. That scandal was followed by TLC’s cancellation of the Duggar family TV show. And then Josh’s life turned into fodder for tabloids, as the Ashley Madison website hacking revealed that Duggar had used the site. He confessed to cheating on his wife Anna Duggar as well as an addiction to porn, and entered rehab.

Josh Duggar was revealed to have used the Ashley Madison website for infidelity. Josh Duggar was revealed to have used the Ashley Madison website for infidelity. [Photo illustration by Carl Court/Getty Images]But now, 2016 is turning into the year of the porn star lawsuit for Josh. Meet Danica Dillon, a porn star who filed a lawsuit that accuses Duggar of battery and assault during what she claims are two sexual encounters, reported Radar Online.

A settlement conference is scheduled for March 21, and both the 27-year-old oldest son of the Duggars and Dillon, 29, are required to be present at the session. In addition, both he and Danica must provide a settlement proposal or offer.

Although Dillon has provided graphic detail on the encounters she claims she had with Duggar, which include choking her and spitting on her as well as paying her for sex, Duggar insists he never even met the porn star. Moreover, Josh has previously stated that he will settle only if Danica issues a public apology for the allegations.

Can Josh Duggar get an apology from Danica Dillon for her allegations? Can Josh Duggar get an apology from Danica Dillon for her allegations? [Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images]At this point, Dillon is holding onto her allegation that she suffered $500,000 worth of emotional and physical damages as a result of her encounters with Josh. If Danica and the reality TV star are unable to achieve a consensus, May 25 is the date on which trial by jury will begin.

Seeking to go public with her allegations, Dillon held an interview with Hustler to discuss her reasons for filing the $500,000 sex assault lawsuit, reported the Daily Mail.

Danica is accusing the Duggar family’s oldest son of verbal abuse as well as physical, including that he slammed her as “worthless” in addition to choking her. Dillon also said that she is worried about the possibility that Duggar has harmed other women.

“If he’s done this to me, how many other girls has he done this to?”asked Danica. “Has he murdered anybody?”

Inside Alleged Encounters Of Danica Dillon

In the story recounted by Dillon, she encountered Josh in March 15. They were at a strip club in Philadelphia, and he gave her $600 for lap dances prior to issuing an invitation to go to his room.

Danica claimed that her encounter lacked “intimacy,” and that Duggar was rough with her.

“He picked me up and threw me down on the bed and bent me over and was pulling my hair, calling me a dirty slut, telling me that I deserved it and that I like it,” alleged Dillon.

After also calling her “worthless,” Josh left, depositing the money for the sex encounter in the room. However, then Danica claims she met him a month later and he apologized.

“I just want to apologize because I know that you are uneasy around me and I know that I was rough with you last time but I get it. You’re an actress and just because you do that in your movies doesn’t mean that you like to do that stuff in your personal life,” said Duggar, according to Dillon.

Danica also says that he asked her for time together so that he could prove he wasn’t cruel.

“I want to show you that I’m a nicer person. I’m not that mean. I’m not rough. I’m sensual. You know everybody has their kinks and fetishes and stuff that they like, but I promise you, I’ve been a fan, and I really like you, and I’m really sincerely sorry.”

After that plea, Dillon claims she allowed him to go to her room, where Josh gave her $1,5000 for their sexual encounter, a raise from the $1,000 she alleges he gave her for their first sexual encounter.

During that time period, Josh’s wife was pregnant and caring for their then-three children. He continues to deny he met Dillon or visited the strip club.

[Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images]